Scottish singer-songwriter Sandi Thom, the fleetingly successful pop star of the mid-noughties, has launched a Facebook rant at radio stations who have refused to playlist her new song and seems to have quit the industry altogether.

Those of you with long musical memories may recall Thom, the archetypal one-hit wonder who rocketed to stardom back in 2006 with her first single ‘I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)’. That success also shifted over 300,000 copies of her debut album Smile… It Confuses People.

However, she’s suffered declining commercial fortunes in the subsequent nine years, with only two of her last 12 singles charting in the UK, and the rejection of her latest single ‘Earthquake’ appears to have broken her spirit altogether, as she posted a tearful and foul-mouthed video venting spleen at the BBC and commercial radio conglomerate Bauer.

Sandi ThomSandi Thom appears to have quit the music industry for good following the rejection of her latest single from radio playlists

During the spectacular meltdown, the 35 year old Aberdonian insisted that this rejection was the final straw, insisting that she’s “f***ing sick to death” of being ignored by playlist selectors. “I wanted to make this video so people realise how much it hurts because I apparently can do no right.”

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About BBC Radio 2 and its 35+ audience, she said: “I wrote a song that is pop and catchy and fits their format and there is no reason why they shouldn't play my music and I swear to God they have no idea how much it actually hurts when it's been years and years trying to gain some kind of respect from these people.”

“It is literally the last thing. I am done with this industry and its bulls***. There is no reason why they shouldn't playlist that song. It perfectly fits the format for their station. I am f***ing sick and tired of having to sit on the edge of my seat waiting for these people to come back and tell me the verdict of whether this song is going to be a success in this country or not. Basically without their support it can't be a success.”

She finished her rant: “Honest to God I'm f****** sick to death of the b******* this industry pulls on people like me and I've had it. Enough I'm done. F*** you Radio 2. F*** you Bauer network and f*** the lot of you.”

Thom’s fans offered words of support, though a handful have wondered whether the video has been contrived as a publicity stunt. The singer was previously accused of having fabricated her back story of how she made it in the industry in the first place.

She was cited as an internet-based success in the vein of Arctic Monkeys, picking up fans via a series of webcasts. However, in 2010 she was alleged to have been signed to the major label RCA all along, who gave financial backing to the series of online gigs.

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