Who will be the next Dr. Who? That’s the question on everybody’s lips. And if Samuel West has got anything to do with it, then it’ll be Samuel West.

The star, best known for his theatrical roles, is keen to fill the boots of the time travelling maestro. "If you’re asking whether I’d like to play Doctor Who, I absolutely would,” he explained. “I’ve always wanted to play Doctor Who. Hamlet and Doctor Who - and I’ve done Hamlet. At 46-years-old, he doesn’t think his age should put him out of contention. He said: “They can’t go on getting younger forever. Every Doctor Who, almost without exception, has been younger than the previous one. Eventually we’ll just have this glittering foetus – that’s not going to work.” His love of the show, perhaps, is why he thinks he’d bee good at it. He’s even got ideas of what the lead character should be like. “I think he should be slightly other,” Sam continued. “I remember when I first started watching it he was a little bit like a frightening grandfather and I don’t want to be a grandfather but I don’t think he should be cuddly. 'Other' is the word, he should be a bit 'other'.”

Samuel WestCan I play? Samuel West fancies a go on the tardis

It might be a bit too late, though, as rumours suggest the public is ready for a female Dr. With the character not actually displaying any archetypal gender traits, a female Dr. would be just as believable as a male. And even if gender trains were written in to the character, it’s about time they were banished, anyway.

Matt SmithIt's all Matt Smith's fault - he quit the role, causing all this speculation