Samuel L. Jackson wanted to ''scream'' when he first came to England because he couldn't get a good hamburger.

The 'Snakes on a Plane' star has admitted he dreaded travelling to London in the 80s because the state of British cuisine was so bad compared to what it is now.

Fortunately, the 64-year-old actor no longer has to go hungry in the UK capital after learning where to find a proper ''American hamburger''.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: ''The food has gotten so much better since the 80s. When I first started coming here I could scream! Now, if I want an American hamburger, I know where to find one. I don't have to go to a Wendy's.''

The BAFTA winner is now looking forward to spending his summer in the capital shooting the new Warner Bros. 'Tarzan' remake alongside Margot Robbie, Chistoph Waltz and Alexander Skarsgard.

He said: ''I'm sort of enjoying my time. That will be my summer: spent in my air-conditioned bug-free jungle in London.

Although Samuel's role in the picture is yet to be confirmed, it is thought he will star as Tarzan's rival, a Congolese warlord, or his ex-mercenary sidekick George in the film which set for release in 2016.