Quentin Tarantino's latest project, 'The Hateful Eight', has now premiered - which means now is the time to get super excited about its Christmas Day theatrical opening. As Tarantino fans will expect, the movie features much of the usual cast - including the indomitable Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson in 'The Hateful Eight'Samuel L. Jackson insists he 'just works with Tarantino a lot'

Tarantino is well known for re-using actors in his movies; there's Uma Thurman who appeared in 'Kill Bill' and 'Pulp Fiction', Harvey Keitel who was in 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn', and also Tim Roth who was in 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' and this, 'The Hateful Eight'. Aside from Tarantino himself, however, no-one has appeared in quite so many of these movies as Samuel L. Jackson.

On the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere, one reporter likened Jackson to 'Tarantino's muse' - but that's not how the star sees himself at all. 'I am not his muse!' He exclaimed at the suggestion. 'I'm just one of the guys that works with him a lot!'

Watch the trailer for 'The Hateful Eight' here:

Jackson might take this modest view on his role in Tarantino's career, but the director himself doesn't hesitate to heap praise on all his cast members. 'I call them the Tarantino Superstars', he reveals, adding that he was 'so happy' with their performances in the film.

'The Hateful Eight' sees Jackson portraying a badass bounty hunter named Major Marquis Warren, who gets stuck in a cabin with a group of volatile strangers during a blizzard. It's a Western mystery story, with a few more crazy elements thrown in (as is customary for QT).

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Having previously starred in four of Tarantino's films (five if you include his uncredited narration in 'Inglourious Basterds) - 'Pulp Fiction', 'Jackie Brown', 'Kill Bill' and 'Django Unchained' - you'd think Jackson would be getting tired of it. In truth, he's far from it. 'It's always like unwrapping a present that you know you're going to like even if you don't know what it is', he confesses of receiving Tarantino scripts.

'The Hateful Eight' will hit US theatres on December 25th 2015.