The Pulp Fiction star was about to tee off for a round of golf in Montreal, Canada when he heard the news that a plane had struck one of the Twin Towers on the morning of September 11.

By the time he returned to the clubhouse to learn of the unfolding drama, it was clear a major terrorist attack was underway - but it took two agonising hours before he was informed his wife LaTanya Richardson was safe.

The actress was in the Big Apple at the time to shoot scenes for her role in TV legal drama 100 Centre Street in lower Manhattan, but unknown to her husband she had been given the day off.

Jackson tells U.K. TV show Good Morning Britain, "She was shooting a television show called 100 Centre Street that was shot at the courthouse which is relatively close to where the Twin Towers were. We were trying to locate her and it took a couple of hours before we found out that she didn't work that day. So yeah, it was a bit of trepidation."