PULP FICTION star Samuel L Jackson is such a huge fan of shoes, he now owns between 300 and 400 pairs.

The Hollywood actor's love of footwear has become an obsession - especially when it comes to sports shoes, of which he has 275 pairs.

He says, "I have a sneaker obsession, because my mom never bought me a pair of CONVERSE ALL STARS when I was growing up 'cause they cost too much.

"So once I reached the point that I could have any pair of sneakers I wanted, I just kept getting sneakers. And they're all in the original boxes and I label all of 'em. They have names on 'em, what colour they are, what style they are, all that. I love sneakers. I just couldn't imagine not having lots of sneakers anymore."

Jackson also credits his mother for his huge comic book collection, after she disposed of his original stockpile.

He add, "I still go to the comic book store maybe three times a month."

04/11/2004 21:23