Sammy Hagar says music not being his biggest source of income makes playing shows more enjoyable.

The former Van Halen frontman, 74, insists he continues to play shows for the fulfilment it gives him, not the money, as he's able to make a better living from his booze empire and books.

The Red Rocker has been in the tequila business for three decades, having started out with Cabo Wabo in 1991.

He's also released a series of tomes, his most recent being 'Sammy Hagar's Cocktail Hits: 85 Personal Favorites from the Red Rocker'.

Because of his other businesses, Sammy is able to pay his band more money than they would ever earn, and he says not relying on the paycheque from gigs, means he feels like he's still in his "garage band" days.

Speaking on 'TMZ Live', he said when asked if he earns more from his other businesses than he does music: "It's true, it's absolutely true.

"What's made it so great for I'm telling you guys, I swear by this anybody if you get lucky enough to get successful outside of music, it makes it so much better in your elder years.

"I'm in my 70s and I'm still going playing music and you know why? Because I don't have to do it for a living I don't have to make it my business. So I can pay my band, like more than they can make. You know, I mean, they're happy. And so they're happy to play with me that we all walk out on stage. And we're happy to do it because we don't have to do it when you've been doing it as long as me, man unless you're Keith Richards ... He's my favourite rock star on the planet. A lot of people are doing it for money, and they go out they punch the clock. And so we do it for fun. It's almost like we're in a garage band again, because I make my living in another way and music is something I just love to do."