Legendary crooner Sammy Davis Jr's sordid drug and drink past is to be revealed in a shocking new biography.

WIL (corr) HAYGOOD's IN BLACK + WHITE: THE LIFE + TIMES OF SAMMY DAVIS JR details revelations about the singer's romance with porn star Linda Lovelace and drug-fuelled orgies the pair used to enjoy together.

Davis Jr carried on with Lovelace while he was married to his third wife ALTOVISE, and he even made love to her behind her husband CHUCK TRAYNOR's back.

A publishing insider who has read through the details in Haygood's book says, "Sammy gave Linda presents. She would visit his house and leave her husband downstairs while she went up to the bedroom with Sammy.

"Once the door was shut their orgy started - lots of cocaine and lots of sex."

The tome also details the fact that Davis Jr's plans of having another fling with sexy actress Kim Novak were thwarted when his life was threatened by mobsters if he allowed the illicit romance to continue.

08/09/2003 02:47