Actress Sami Gayle struggles with dinner scenes in Tv cop drama Blue Bloods - because she's a strict vegetarian.

Family get togethers are commonplace on the show and the Vampire Academy star admits she has had to come up with clever ways to hide the fact she doesn't eat meat.

She tells Wenn, "We love to eat on Blue Bloods! Our dinner scenes are iconic moments of every episode and we commit to eating on the show. But after seven hours of filming those scenes it gets to be a lot.

"I can't eat red meat, so whenever there is steak or anything I refrain and have to eat a lot of potatoes or green beans. It can get a bit gassy."

But whatever she doesn't eat on set, co-star Donnie Wahlberg gobbles up. She adds, "He is the big eater of all of us and he'll eat anything."