Twitter is freaking out after a picture was released showing what the three kids from ‘Outnumbered’ look like now. The BBC sitcom aired its final episode in 2014, but since we last saw Ramona Marquez, Daniel Roche and Tyger Drew-Honey the three stars have done a lot of growing up.

Ramona Marquez who played Karen was just six when the series began. Now 15, Ramona is all grown-up, but she hasn't lost her trademark curly hair. Daniel Roche, who played Ben, was seven when we first saw him. Now 16, Daniel is taller than his two co-stars and he looks like he’s been spending alot of time in the gym.

Tyger Drew-Honey was 11 when he first played big brother Jake. Now 20, Tyger is the most active of the three cast members, having presented documentaries for the BBC, tackling subjects such as pornography and sexuality.

On Twitter fans of the show couldn't hide their shock at how much the three cast members had changed. “Is this genuinely the children from Outnumbered? now I understand that I have aged and won't be young forever,” wrote one Twitter user.

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Another added: “I love how much that picture of the Outnumbered kids has messed everyone up. But same.” ‘Outnumbered’ ran for five series on BBC One, beginning in 2007 and ending in March 2014.

But the show could be returning for a one-off special this year, according to creator Andy Hamilton. “We hope to visit the family for a kind of one-off,” he told Fubar radio last year. “Me and Guy (co-creator Guy Jenkins), on our wall, in our office, we have a list of ideas we are trying to work out.”

“We’ve done a few Christmas specials, but you kind of disappear in a big gap of Christmas programming. We’re kind of inclined to do it somewhere else if we can,” he added. “That’ll be a discussion me and Guy have to have between ourselves and then the BBC. We’re hoping to film it next year.”

OutnumberedThe ‘Outnumbered’ kids as we remeber them in 2014.