Sam Worthington has lived up to many of the violent characters that he's portrayed over the years, having been arrested for 'disorderly conduct' and 'fighting', in Atlanta this weekend. TMZ broke the story.

Worthington was arrested for fighting outside a club, and allegedly behaving in such a manner as to require pepper spray to calm him down. Jerry Link, the bouncer who sprayed him, also detained him in cuff-links while waiting for the police to show up. According to Link, Worthington claimed to be an agent in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, in the US), apparently saying "I'm a DEA agent! You f**ked up now!" The altercation broke out when Link refused to admit Worthington into the club, as he appeared too drunk. Probably the right decision given that the actor seems to have been so drunk as to forget his real identity.

However, in a complete turn around, the charges against Worthington have been dropped after Link failed to show up to the court hearing. According to Link however, he hadn't been asked to be in court. Worthington will be appearing next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the upcoming David Ayer movie 'Ten', which they are filming in Atlanta at the moment. As yet there is no release date for the film.