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The Shack Trailer

Mackenzie Phillips set out for the family vacation of a lifetime with three of his children, but little did he know that it would be a trip he would remember for years to come, and for all the wrong reasons. One day, during a fishing activity, he is forced to turn his gaze of his young daughter Missy for a brief moment, who subsequently disappears. The Wallowa County police discover her body in an isolated shack in the middle of the woods having been abducted and murdered. After that, Mack spirals into a depression letting his grief seep into every corner of his life and even causing him to lose his faith in God. It's then that he discovers a letter inviting him back to the shack signed by someone called Papa. He believes it's God calling him to find peace, and help him come to terms with Missy's death.

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James Cameron To Shoot Avatar 2, 3 And 4 Simultaneously

James Cameron Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana Stephen Lang Arnold Schwarzenegger

James Cameron used his Reddit AMA on Saturday morning to update fans on the three planned Avatar sequels, saying he will have completed the scripts within six weeks. The first sequel is set to hit cinemas in December 2016, with Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver and Shane Salerno previously announced Cameron's collaborators.

James CameronJames Cameron Is Shooting Avatar 2, 3, and 4 Simultaneously 

"The second, third and fourth films all go into production simultaneously," the director wrote in his Reddit AMA. "They're essentially all in preproduction now, because we are designing creatures, settings, and characters that span all three films. And we should be finished with all three scripts within the next, I would say, six weeks."

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Sam Worthington Handed Restraining Order For Punching Photographer But Defends Actions: "I Was Only Trying To Protect My Girlfriend"

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington has found out his punishment for punching a photographer in the face last Sunday (Feb 23rd).

The Aussi actor spent Wednesday morning in a New York City courtroom to be charged with two counts of assault in the third degree and one count of harassment.

Though it is unlikely, Worthington could face a maximum penalty of one year in prison if found guilty.

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Is Lara Bingle Really The Australian Kim Kardashian?

Lara Bingle Kim Kardashian Sam Worthington

Lara Bingle was a name that was relatively unknown to many of us until the news on Monday morning that Sam Worthington had beenarrested in New York City. A fight allegedly broke out between Avatar star Worthington and a photographer, with the actor claiming that the pap had kicke Bingle, with whom he has been romantically involved with since October 2013. The photographer has since claimed that Lara attacked him first, allegedly lashing out at him as he attempted to take a photograph of her as the couple were leaving a restaurant.

lara bingle sam worthingtonLara Bingle has been compared to Kim Kardashian

Amid all of the news surrounding the argument, defence lawyer Ronald Kuby’s has made the claim that “Lara Bingle is a lot like Kim Kardashian”. If you’re confused by Kuby’s statement, let us clear things up for you.

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After Sam Worthington's Latest Arrest, Will He Ever Play James Bond?

Sam Worthington

Avatar star Sam Worthington has been arrested after fisticuffs with a photographer in New York City. The actor had been at a bar in West Village with his partner, and rumored wife, Lara Bingle, before the altercation began. Worthington is said to have punched the photographer who had allegedly kicked Bingle. Worthington supposedly shouted at the photographer ‘You kicked my wife’, before exacting his Old Testament ‘eye for an eye’ revenge.

sam worthington james bond Worthington was arrested last night in New York City

Worthington has appeared in huge Hollywood box office hits, Avatar and Clash of the Titans. When veteran Bond, Pierce Brosnan stepped down, Worthington famously auditioned for the role of James Bond in Casino Royale, making it to the final three, but ultimately losing out on the role to Daniel Craig. He has since admitted that the role “wasn’t right” for him, however has still been tipped at 25/1 by bookies as a favourite to play James Bond once Craig retires the role (which will hopefully be never).

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Sam Worthington Arrested In NYC For Punching Photographer

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington, the star of James Cameron's 2009 sci-fi 'Avatar,' is facing criminal charges after getting arrested in New York City.

The Australian actor was apprehended in West Village for allegedly punching a paparazzo, after a scuffle broke out involving his model girlfriend Lara Bingle.

The pair were walking down Jane Street when photographer, Sheng Li, apparently kicked Bingle in the shin, according to New York Daily News.

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Casting For 'Avatar' Sequels Is Go, With Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington Signed On

James Cameron Zoe Saldana Sam Worthington

“If something kind of works, they’ll just keep doing it until everybody hates it,” said Tina Fey at the Golden Globes this Sunday. Case in point: casting has begun for a second, third and fourth Avatar film.

Sam Worthington
Cameron is excited to work with the original cast again.

Last summer James Cameron enlisted the help of Josh Friedman, duo Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, and Shane Salerno to create the screenplays. Then Stephen Lang, who played Marine Colonel Quaritch in the 2009 film, became the first actor to sign on for the sequels. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington, who played Neytiri and Jake Sully, respectively, have now also been officially announced to reprise their roles in all three sequels.

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Sabotage Trailer

John 'Breacher' Wharton is the leader of a DEA Special Operations Team who, although happen to be the most skilled in their field, don't exactly always play by the rules. In perhaps one of the biggest busts of their careers, they arrest a major cartel leader and uncover a hoard of meth, cocaine and a stack of millions of dollars, and subsequently wind up celebrating by sneaking away some of the drugs they confiscated. However, when the folks above them discover that $10 million has been stolen from the money they seized, John is forced to plead his innocence, though with the unnerving feeling that someone on his not-so-straight team is absolutely capable of doing just that. The theft leads to the brutal murder of two DEA agents and John must find out where the money has gone before another dies - however, the time he has is drastically shortened when the cartel kidnap his beloved wife and child.

'Sabotage' is the latest action-packed crime drama from director David Ayer ('End of Watch', 'The Fast and the Furious', 'Training Day') who co-wrote the screenplay with Skip Woods ('A Good Day to Die Hard', 'Swordfish', 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'). It is set to hit movie theaters in the US on April 11th 2014.

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James Cameron's Avatar Will Be A Quadrilogy, Not Trilogy As Planned

James Cameron Sam Worthington Sigourney Weaver Stephen Lang

James Cameron's planned Avatar trilogy will be a quadrilogy it was announced on Thursday 1st August.

James Cameron
James Cameron at the 109th Explorers Club Annual Gala at the Waldorf Astoria, New York.

James Cameron's 2009 Avatar will become a one of four as plans for three more sequels have been announced. Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Shane Salerno (Savages), Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (who both wrote Rise of the Planets of the Apes) will collaborate with Cameron on the sequels. 

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Paramount’s Judgement Day: Is Arnie Back As Terminator, Or Is It Hasta La Vista, Baby?

Arnold Schwarzenegger James Cameron Christian Bale Sam Worthington Terminator Laeta Kalogridis Patrick Lussier

Terminator will be returning in 2015, Paramount announced on Tuesday (26th June 2013), the script is already in the development. Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) are currently working on the project. No casting decisions have been revealed and it is unknown if Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the role as the Terminator. 

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger at The Last Stand premiere in London. 

The James Cameron films follow, for anyone who hasn't visited earth anytime in the last 30 years, the adventures of John Connor. Initially only a glint in his father's eye, Connor is pursued by an assortment of robot assassins from the future. The first robot was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger who has appeared, some form or the other, in every Terminator film since. 

It's likely he will make an appearance in the forthcoming film. His likeness was featured in special effects form in the last film, Terminator Salvation, starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. Schwarzenegger has much bigger things going on at the time: bizarrely being the Republican Governor of California. His term ended in 2011 so he is now free from public duties, should he wish to be involved. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Next Film Donate Thousands To Charity To Say Thanks For Filming Rights

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sam Worthington Joe Manganiello Terrence Howard

Whilst currently promoting his new film, The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger is already planning his next move by gaining permission to shoot his next film at the home of Mike Briggs, President-Elect for Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc.

Briggs gave Arnie and the rest of the film crew for the upcoming movie Ten permission to film scenes at his scenic home, but only on one condition: that the production team pledge all of the rental fees Briggs would be receiving for donating his land to his charity, FIRST. True to the agreement, earlier this week the offices of FIRST received a $35,000 cheque and a big thank you from Arnie and the rest of the film's team.

“I told them they were free to film at my home, as long as they agreed to donate all of the rental fees associated with the use of my property to FIRST,” said Briggs, was made president of FIRST this month, adding,  “When the producers heard that, they decided to make the donation larger and have donated $35,000 to the Foundation. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

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Lance Armstrong Movie: 10 Actors Who Could Play The Disgraced Cyclist (Pictures)

Lance Armstrong Jake Gyllenhaal Brad Pitt Sam Worthington Guy Pearce Matt Damon Michael Fassbender Aaron Eckhart Max Martini Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As was widely expected, a movie about disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is set to go into production after Bad Robot partners JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk snapped up the rights to Juliet Macur’s forthcoming book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, reports Macur – a sports reporter for The New York Times – has covered Armstrong’s career for over a decade, through the cyclist’s Tour de France wins, his recovery from cancer and eventual doping revelations. The American had denied using performance enhancing drugs for years, though finally admitted to cheating during a much-publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey last week.

Sony Pictures has long had an Armstrong movie project in the works, though that movie was dropped when the cyclist’s fall from grace began. It was set to star Jake Gyllenhaal and would have told the ‘American hero’ narrative of Armstrong’s rollercoaster career. Of course, the story has changed dramatically and Abrams film will focus on a cheat who pays a high price for his lies. As movie writer Mike Fleming Jr reports, the whole thing is reminiscent of when Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe made a deal with Phil Spector to tell the story of the producer’s life story, though the director went on record as saying the film “lacked a good third act.” That was obviously provided shortly afterwards when Spector was convicted of shooting the actress Lana Clarkson, but Universal, Crowe and Cruise never went forward with the project. It’s likely that JJ Abrams and his team will tackle the Armstrong project head on, but who could play the man himself? Who has the presence to portray such a complex character on-screen? Here’s 10 actors who we think could become Lance:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Source Code PremiereCould Jake Gyllenhall Play Lance Armstrong?

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Sam Worthington Is Pepper Sprayed After Attacking Restaurant Doorman

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington was pepper-sprayed and subsequently arrested over the weekend for attacking a doorman at a restaurant in Atlanta following an argument about his intoxicated state and lack of ID.

According to witnesses, the 'Avatar' star attempted entry into the Vortex restaurant on Saturday (November 3rd 2012) but got into a heated argument with the bouncer after being immediately turned away due to his drunken state. The said bouncer, Jerry Link, told Celebuzz that Worthington got physical three separate times during the row. 'He bumped into me first, then he shoved me in the chest twice', he said. When police were called, the arresting officer  charged the actor with disorderly conduct and stated the following: that 'Mr. Link tried to converse with Mr. Samuel by attempting to let him know why he could not enter', that 'Mr. Link then stated that Mr. Samuel was being disorderly verbally by using profane language' and that 'Mr. Link pepper sprayed Mr. Samuel and hand cuffed him' following Worthington's physical attempt at gaining entry to the building. 

Link has further commented on the situation to Celebuzz. 'I know when a person is intoxicated', he insisted. 'He was walking down the street staggering and he couldn't stand up straight. He approached the entryway, and I told him we weren't going to be serving him.'

I'm A DEA Agent!: Sam Worthington Confuses Fiction With Reality, Gets Arrested

Sam Worthington

We think Sam Worthington might be taking the whole ‘method acting’ thing a bit too far, judging by recent reports of his behaviour. According to TMZ, the Avatar actor started being “belligerent” outside a club in Atlanta and when his antics became so unruly that he got sprayed with mace, he shouted at the bouncer who’d sprayed him “I'm a DEA agent! You f**ked up now!"

It seems as though the lines between fiction and reality have become well and truly blurred for Worthington, given that’s not actually a DEA agent, he’s just being paid to pretend to be one. In a movie. Called Ten It’s shame really, that Sam didn’t have his Ten co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger with him when the incident happened; now that really would have made headline news.

The bouncer in question, Jerry Link, told TMZ that Worthington arrived at the Vortex Bar and Grill in Atlanta, looking like a homeless man, in his hoodie and was carrying a bundle of clothes. Worthington was reused entry to the club, because he was drunk. The actor found himself getting arrested for disorderly conduct after pushing Link. However, the case was dropped as Link didn’t show in court yesterday (November 5, 2012). Looks as though Worthington’s got off lightly here, he might need to be careful about going around shooting his mouth off about being a DEA agent in future. Especially considering, you know… he isn’t one.

Sam Worthington Arrested And Acquitted In The Space Of Three Days

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington has lived up to many of the violent characters that he's portrayed over the years, having been arrested for 'disorderly conduct' and 'fighting', in Atlanta this weekend. TMZ broke the story.

Worthington was arrested for fighting outside a club, and allegedly behaving in such a manner as to require pepper spray to calm him down. Jerry Link, the bouncer who sprayed him, also detained him in cuff-links while waiting for the police to show up. According to Link, Worthington claimed to be an agent in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, in the US), apparently saying "I'm a DEA agent! You f**ked up now!" The altercation broke out when Link refused to admit Worthington into the club, as he appeared too drunk. Probably the right decision given that the actor seems to have been so drunk as to forget his real identity.

However, in a complete turn around, the charges against Worthington have been dropped after Link failed to show up to the court hearing. According to Link however, he hadn't been asked to be in court. Worthington will be appearing next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the upcoming David Ayer movie 'Ten', which they are filming in Atlanta at the moment. As yet there is no release date for the film.

Idris Elba, Damian Lewis's Odds Slashed To Become Next James Bond

Idris Elba Daniel Craig Sam Worthington Damian Lewis

The bookmakers have responded to Naomie Harris' claims that close friend Idris Elba has already met with Barbara Broccoli regarding becoming the next James Bond, after Daniel Craig - who currently stars in Skyfall - brings his tenure to a close.

Speaking at the London premiere of the new 007 movie, Bond girl Harris told the Huffington Post, "I didn't realise that there was this talk and then I did a film with Idris and he said that he met Barbara Broccoli and that it does seem like there is a possibility in the future that there could very well be a black James Bond." Elba's superb turn as Stringer Bell on HBO's 'The Wire' as well as his role as the maverick cop Luther has garnered Elba plenty of attention of both sides of the Atlantic. The London-born actor has plenty of things going for him, most notably that he's very, very cool. He briefly commented on the speculation last year, telling NPR, "It's a rumor. I just don't want to be the black James Bond. Sean Connery wasn't the Scottish James Bond, and Daniel Craig wasn't the blue-eyed James Bond." It's a fair point; though we're guessing Elba would be more than qualified to land the role on merit, too. Bookmaker William Hill has cautiously slashed his odds of becoming the next Bond to 9/2 (he was hardly in the Top 20 contenders this time last week), though now make Damian Lewis the outright favourite at 3/1. Though it's not clear why the Homeland actor is the frontrunner, he's another intriguing possibility. 

Though Elba would be our pick, we'd suggest sticking all the money you have on Sam Worthington

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Imagining James Bond Without Daniel Craig: Who Were The Other 007 Contenders?

After seeing Skyfall this week, Roger Moore described Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes' new James Bond film as "without a doubt... the best Bond there's ever been." The film's crew is seemingly made up entirely of Oscar winners and critical reaction has suggested that Skyfall could be the first 007 movie to win big at the Academy Awards.

Though there were murmurings of discontent when British star Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan in the secret agent franchise, he's since become a revelation, with many considering him to be the finest Bond yet. His turn in Casino Royale had far more depth than anything Brosnan (or Dalton for that matter) had delivered, leaving Bond geeks squabbling between just three actors as to who was the best Bond ever: Moore, Connery or Craig? Though Quantum of Solace failed to reach the heady critical heights of its predecessor, early reaction suggests Skyfall betters Casino Royale and possibly anything before it. But it all could have been very different, couldn't it? Cast your mind back to 2005, when the protracted process of choosing the new James Bond was reaching its final stages. With Ralph Fiennes unable to commit to the filming schedule of Casino Royale, and Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Heath Ledger discounted, producers chose to go ahead and run screen tests on the four 'finalists'. (They had lost the chance of landing Clive Owen after refusing to include gross profit points in his contract) The contenders were Layer Cake star Daniel Craig, ER actor Goran Visnjic, Australian actor Sam Worthington and 22-year-old Henry Cavill, reported Variety. All were relatively inexperienced, though producers were keen for someone considerably younger than the 52-year-old Pierce Brosnan. In fact, writer Paul Haggis told the Hollywood Reporter at the time, "We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28 - no Q, no gadgets."

Sam Worthington 'Wrath Of The Titans' UK film premiere

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Wrath Of The Titans Review


While this sequel is just as loud and chaotic as 2010's Clash of the Titans remake, it's also considerably more fun due to some exhilarating action and a refreshing sense of humour. It also looks amazing in 3D on an Imax screen.

Years later, the now-widowed hero Perseus (Worthington) is trying to live as an anonymous fisherman with his pre-teen son Helius (Bell). Then he hears about stirrings of a coming calamity. Indeed, his father Zeus (Neeson) has been kidnapped by Hades (Fiennes) and Ares (Ramirez) as pat of a plan to release Zeus and Hades' evil father Kronos from the underworld. So Perseus teams up with Queen Andromeda (Pike) and rogue demigod Agenor (Kebbell), son of Poseidon (Huston), to rescue his father and stop his brother, uncle and grandfather.

Yes, this is one seriously dysfunctional family, as four generations of men set out to either destroy the world or save it. To be honest, it's never clear why Hades and Ares are so hellbent, as it were, on cataclysmic destruction, but at least this also allows for changing alliances as the story progresses. Not that there's much story, really, as the plot essentially just links a series of action set-pieces.

Fortunately, most of these sequences are entertaining enough to keep us gripped. Highlights include a rather fabulous dragon attack and a desperate, full-on fight with cyclops-giants in a forest. Less convincing are a convoluted underworld rescue-battle and the climactic assault on the volcano-sized Kronos, who rains down fire and destruction rather selectively. (There's also the problem of how the filmmakers can top Kronos in the probable sequel.)

Along the way, there are some refreshing moments of deranged humour, mainly in Kebbell's snarky dialog, Pike's sharp glances and a particularly colourful turn by Nighy (as super-spear smelter Hephaestus). But as the story progresses, there's more than a whiff of Lord of the Rings (the fires of Mount Doom, plus some pointless two-torsoed Orc-a-likes), Harry Potter (the three-pronged Deathly Hallows) and even Star Wars (all that father-son angst). But filmmaker Liebesman keeps things moving briskly, wowing us with so much eye-candy that we just sit back and enjoy the rickety ride for what it is.

Video - Sam Worthington Looks Loved Up On The Red Carpet - Wrath Of The Titans World Premiere In New York

The world premiere of 'Wrath of The Titans' was held at the AMC Lincoln Square IMAX in New York. Stars from the film, as well as a few celebrities, walked the red carpet. Among them was Toby Kebbel, who is one of the stars of the film, playing Agenor. Leading man Sam Worthington also attended but it was his girlfriend who turned heads; she had dyed the tips of her blonde hair pink and purple. The couple stood close together and looked to be very happy.

Wrath of the Titans is the follow up to the 2010 epic, Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson reprise their roles as Perseus and Zeus respectively.

Man On A Ledge Review

There's so little to this film that you've almost forgotten everything about it by the time the closing credits start to roll. It's so easy to watch that you're lulled into thinking that it's quite good, even though it's not.

Ex-cop Nick (Worthington) is only a couple of years into an excessively long prison sentence for stealing a giant diamond from a ruthless jewel magnate (Harris). But he manages to escape, positioning himself on a 21st-floor ledge above a busy Manhattan street. As the crowd gathers and cops (Banks and Burns) come to talk him down, Nick's brother Joey (Bell) and his bendy girlfriend Angie (Rodriguez) are breaking into a nearby building. Basically, it's Nick's last-ditch effort to clear his name.

Continue reading: Man On A Ledge Review

Wrath Of The Titans Trailer

It's been ten years since Perseus triumphantly defeated the gargantuan Kraken that roamed the shores of a fishing village. Now, though, he is content to scrape a living as a fisherman, while raising his ten year old son, Helius, alone.

Continue: Wrath Of The Titans Trailer

Man On A Ledge Trailer

Nick used to be a cop, before he was jailed for stealing a diamond worth forty million dollars. Not long after he was released, he got set up by the same man he stole the diamond from. Nick climbs out of his window that's twenty stories up, intending to jump.

Continue: Man On A Ledge Trailer

Last Night Trailer

Writer Joanna and real estate agent Michael have been married for four years and live in a modest apartment in New York. When Joanna accompanies Michael to a party, she is worried to find him deep in conversation with his beautiful colleague, Laura. Joanna is frightened that Michael might be cheating on her and she confronts him about it. Michael assures his wife that he isn't and the couple reconcile.

Continue: Last Night Trailer

Clash Of The Titans Review

The studio clearly couldn't resist the chance to digitally revisit the creatures so memorably animated by Ray Harryhausen in the 1981 original. The result is an unnecessary remake that's loud, chaotic and mildly entertaining.

Perseus (Worthington) is a demigod who has been raised by humans and now finds himself at the centre of a war between man and the gods Zeus (Neeson), Hades (Fiennes) and Poseidon (a blink-and-you'll-miss-him Danny Huston). Accompanied by a handful of plucky warriors from Argos (including Mikkelsen, Cunningham, Hoult and Matheson) and his spirit-guide Io (Arterton), he heads off to find the secret to defeat Hades' feared Kraken so he can save Princess Andromeda (Davalos).

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Clash Of The Titans Trailer

Watch the trailer for Clash Of The Titans.

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