Hold on to your handcuffs, Fifty Shades of Grey fans, because the first film is only the beginning. With less than a week to go until the movie’s Valentine’s Day premiere, director Sam Taylor-Johnson made the official announcement – both Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed will be coming to a screen near you in the next couple of years.

Sam Taylor-Johnson
Sam Taylor-Johnson said it, so it's happening. No takebacks.

According to Cosmopolitan, Johnson made the announcement at a fan event at New York’s Seigfeld Theatre with  author E. L. James and Fifty Shades stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

It wasn’t an entirely unpredictable plot twist, as the story has a very loyal fanbase. The first film of the franchise is currently on track to make around $60 million. It’s so popular in fact, that online ticket seller Fandango has named it its fastest selling movie in all its 15 years of existence.

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But don’t get too excited just yet. While Taylor-Johnson was quick to make the announcement, it is yet to be confirmed by the Source – aka Universal, the studio behind the Fifty Shades. E. L. James herself remained suspiciously quiet on the matter. So is the saga to be continued or not? Watch this space for more info.