Sam Smith is well known in the music industry for always having been open with his sexuality, and that's something that he's proud to be an icon for. However, he also admits that he wants to be role model for everyone out there - not just gay men.

Sam SmithSam Smith wants to represent everyone who listens to his music

Confessing that he'd been out as gay since the tender age of 10, the 'Writings On The Wall' singer said in an interview that he was happy to represent the LGBT community, as long as that meant he could represent other people as well. 'There's nothing in my life that I'm prouder of', Smith told NME about coming out as a young boy. '[But] I didn't want [my] album to appeal to just one community, I wanted it to appeal to all of them. I wanted anyone, gay or straight, to be able to relate to me singing about men, like I was able to relate to Stevie Wonder or John Legend singing about girls.'

Makes sense. On the other hand, the straight community don't necessarily need a spokesperson, having not been deeply oppressed for hundreds of years. However, everyone needs someone to relate to, and Smith recognises that as well, reaffirming that he still wants to be a strong figure in the gay community.

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'I sell records in countries where gay men get killed and that's a big thing for me', he adds. 'Because maybe one person in that country will pick up my album, realise it's by a gay artist, and it might change their opinion.'

Sam Smith's global recognition is certainly expanding too, with his record-breaking talent extending to two Guinness entries this year. Not only has his 'Spectre' single 'Writing's On The Wall' become the first James Bond theme ever to reach number one in the UK, but his album 'In The Lonely Hour' has now managed to stay at the Top Ten of the UK Albums Chart for the longest consecutive amount of weeks - that's 69 weeks in case you were wondering! And he's still only on his first album.

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We're pretty sure that Sam Smith is definitely seen as a music icon now, rathar than just a gay icon.