The Stay With Me hitmaker delightedly documented his trip to the tourist location, where the set has been completely rebuilt based around The Hobbit trilogy and The Lord of the Rings films.

Smith posted an array of shots on showing him entering the home of the story's protagonist Bilbo Baggins, sitting in an inn inspired by the fictional Green Dragon pub from the J. R. R. Tolkien books, and wearing a wizard's hat.

Clearly thrilled by the visit, he added the captions, "THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING... Best day of my life... I feel like Frodo... Geeking OUT... Bilbo Baggins' house... Hobbit activities. Sorry for so many pics I just love it here haha... I would chop off my toe to live here and be a hobbit x... Sipping on some hobbit ale at the green dragon x... 'I'm going on an adventure'... What a day. I am coming again. Until then I'm actually gonna build my own hobbit house. No joke x."