Sam Smith struggles to cope with fame.

The 30-year-old singer admitted that fame is the "biggest personal issue" in life because of how it can change relationships with others. even though it is not becoming to "moan" about it.

Sam said: "Relationships change and family can change. Money can change that, and fame. Fame is probably the biggest issue I have had in my life. It is this horrible one as you can’t moan about it as I know I am very, very lucky to be in my position, but life does get turned on its head."

The 'Stay With Me' hitmaker - who will release new album 'Gloria' in 2023 - went on to add that fame can cost loved ones which is the "hardest part" of becoming a celebrity and had been "coming to terms" with personal issues during the production of latest album 'Love Goes.'

Speaking on BBC Radio 2's 'First and Last', Sam told Cerys Matthews: "You have to find a new way to talk to people you love and you lose people you love, which is the hardest part. I was at my lowest in my life writing my third album. I was coming to terms with gender stuff. I felt like I had to live up to this character of Sam Smith."

The comments come just days after the 'Unholy' singer teased that the upcoming album will be a "filthy golden goose time" and will be full of "absolute fun."

Asked what fans can expect, Sam replied: "Filthy golden goose time. Oh you’ll see on tour… I mean there’s no gooses on tour actually...[Expect] Fun. Absolute fun. It was my task to write an album that was full of joy and I think I did it. And so it’s fun, it’s sexy, raunchy, honest. Yeah, I’m proud of it."