Award-winning artist Sam Smith has shared a screengrab of a social media account which was set up to troll the singer with abusive, homophobic comments. Smith shared the Instagram account named ‘Gay Sam Smith’ to draw attention to the homophobia which is still prevalent in society today.

Sam SmithSam Smith has shared an image of a homophobic Instagram account to highlight online bullying.

"This genuinely doesn’t offend me, coz I’m way too tick (sic) skinned when it comes to this kind of shit. BUT I just wanted to share this with everyone, so you can see how homophobic is still SO PRESENT in our society!!” Smith said sharing the screengrab.

The account's description reads 'We Hate Faggot Smith’ and also includes other homophobic slurs directed towards the ‘Stay With Me’ singer. Smith has used his fame in the past to highlight homophobic bullying and has spoken openly about his own experiences growing up.

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“I came out at the end of year seven when I was 11,” Smith told The Sun in March. “That shut a lot of the bullies up. I also made friends with some really nice girls and was singing. ‘I’d like to think I was a nice person and people respected me at my school.”

However the singer also revealed that he was once attacked in London as a result of his sexuality. “When I moved to London I got punched in the neck walking back from work. It was definitely homophobic,” he said. “I was on the phone speaking quite loudly and had pink headphones on, so it was pretty clear I was gay.”

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Smith has also drawn attention to bullying within the gay community which he has said focus on boys image issues. “When I was 17 I decided to go gay clubbing in Soho in London. I remember walking in and this gay guy turned to his mate and said something really nasty about me,” the singer said.

“My whole world just crashed and I had a really lonely feeling. I knew then it was going to take a lot longer to be accepted. There’s a lot of homophobia and bullying in the gay community. There’s also a lot of body dysmorphia in the gay community, which means if you’re not toned and skinny it can be awful.”