Sam Smith is still trying to get into ''cruise-control'' with fame.

The chart-topping singer has admitted he's still adjusting to living his life in the spotlight and says he wants to become comfortable with his new-found status before entering into a relationship.

He shared: ''At the moment I'm trying to hang on to a relationship with me and my family and my friends.

''Once I've got into the routine of this life, which maybe I'm still trying to get into that cruise-control with, then I think maybe I can introduce a guy. I'm still very single.''

The 23-year-old singer - who penned his debut album 'In The Lonely Hour' after falling in love with a straight man - confessed he's relieved he never had a real relationship before becoming a global superstar.

The London-born musician told The Sun newspaper: ''I'm trying my best. There's different challenges.

''The blessing for me is that I didn't have a boyfriend before I got well known so I didn't know any different.

''If I'd been in a relationship before I got well known I think I'd be a bit more upset.''