Sam Smith gets ''so upset'' when he thinks of people in the LBGT community being discriminated against across the world.

The openly gay singer began pondering the plight of so many homosexual individuals after going to watch the movie 'Holding The Man' - which is about a man's coming out journey - on Tuesday (28.07.15) in the US, where he is currently based.

Sam urged his fans to do more to help gay men and women across the world who do not enjoy the same freedom he does in his native Britain.

In a series of emotional tweets, he wrote: ''It's so deep. But sometimes I sit and get so upset when I think about all the 100's and thousands of gay men and woman all over the world ... Who are going through such heartache and hard times for just wanting to love someone they love ... It makes me so sad and sometimes feel so guilty that I have that simplest freedom whilst others don't ... Sorry to get so deep, but it kills me. I don't understand why more of us aren't doing something about it. I'll leave it there. (sic)''

Earlier, Sam took to his Instagram account to make a lengthy post about the movie - which stars Guy Pierce and is based on the memoir of the same name by Australian writer, actor, and activist Timothy Conigrave about his life and his relationship with his lover of fifteen years, John Caleow which ends in bereavement.

The 'Omen' singer urged his fans to go and see it as the film and book have had a massive impact on his life and helped him deal with his own coming put when he was a teenager.

Along with a poster of the movie, Sam, 23, wrote: ''Holding The Man. I'm going to try to put this into a short paragraph. But I could talk about this all day. I can't tell you all enough how much this book and film have meant to me over the past half a year. This project and piece of work is the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen. As a gay man, it's very difficult sometimes to find films that I can properly and truly relate to. Although I can't relate to the awfully sad ending to Tim and Johns story. The most powerful thing for me was how this book captured what it's like to grow up gay and all those confusing scary and amazing moments I had coming out and realising who I was. And THIS FILM has captured that, and has captured Tim and Johns story so perfectly.

''PLEASE watch this film when you can. And please spread the word. I long for the day when there are way more films about gay relationships, straight relationships, bisexual and transgender relationships and life stories. But for now support THIS film. Because this book and film pretty much changed my life. Hope I kept it to a short paragraph. (sic)''