The Stay With Me singer is dubious about claims gem stones have healing powers, but he has decided to try the technique and has started his first collection.

Sam shared a snap of his new crystals on his page, showing off a variety of coloured stones including a piece of quartz.

"I have always been very sceptical about crystals, and what they do etc," he writes in a caption. "However, I have decided to give it a go!! So today I purchased my first little collection. I'll keep you informed with how I'm doing with them. Either way thou (sic), they are beautiful xx"

Sam is in need of a little extra healing following his throat operation earlier this year (15).

The sickly singer abandoned his world tour this summer (15) after he was diagnosed with a vocal cord haemorrhage.

He underwent an operation in the U.S. to save his voice and spent months recovering.

Sam previously said of the condition, "It was horrendous. It was so bad. But I got through and everyone's been so amazing about it... I did use my phone (to talk while on vocal rest), where you can type in what you want to say and it'll say it for you... I'd just been singing too hard for too long..."