Sam Rockwell wants to play a superhero.

The 'Conviction' actor - who was considered for the lead role of Tony Stark in 'Iron Man' - dreams of playing a character with other-worldly abilities after a brief taster in a 2007 short film.

He said: "I'd love to play a superhero. I know it'd take some doing to convince some people but I think I'd be a great one.

"I've played Batman in 'Robin's Big Date', but I've never had superpowers and I'd love to get some. It's about time."

However, 42-year-old Sam admits it would be challenging to play a fearless action star.

He admitted to Empire magazine: "In real life, everything makes me nervous. I'm scared of everything. Even going to the bank. And yet that's why you have to be courageous, or all the more courageous. You know what I mean? In the face of adversity."