Actors often get type-cast in specific genres and as particular characters but 46-year-old star Sam Rockwell cannot be accused of doing that with an impressive C.V. that includes Green Mile, Seven Psychopaths, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Iron Man 2.

PoltergeistSam Rockwell plays father Eric Bowen in a remake of the 1980s classic, Poltergeist

However, if he could be accused of appreciating one particular kind of film it may be the horror kind as he steps into the remake of the 1980s horror classic, Poltergeist, having started off his big screen career in the 1989 scare-fest, Clownface.

And it seems that Rockwell does have a special place in his heart of a little bit of horror as he told Contact Music while speaking about his new film, Poltergeist.

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Of the horror genre, he said: "I think people like the rollercoaster ride of it all...they want to be scared. People just want to take that ride."

But can he take audiences on a ride that proved so successful over thirty years ago and still get the same reaction?

"We changed the whole thing," Rockwell, who plays Eric Bowen, the father of the family tormented by the poltergeist, said.

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"The movie is from the 12-year-old boy’s point of view so he’s really the protagonist.

"It’s essentially the same plot but the characters are different: the main paranormal is an Irish guy that has a reality show and my character is an ex-minor league baseball player who works for a tractor company. He’s this middle America everyman."

The new Poltergeist offering has been produced by Sam Remi of Spiderman directing fame and directed by Gil Kenan from Monster House.

Rosemarie DeWitt takes on the role of Rockwell’s wife Amy as the pair battle to keep their family safe and get their children back from the poltergeist.

Watch the trailer here.