Sam Mendes thinks Monica Bellucci is an ''incredibly seductive'' on-screen presence in 'Spectre'.

The acclaimed director - who's returned to the Bond franchise after helming the 2012 hit 'Skyfall' - has revealed he's delighted to have cast Monica, 50, and Léa Seydoux as the secret agent's love interests in the eagerly-awaited new movie.

He shared: ''In 'Spectre', the two women he hooks up with both have great mystery.

''Both have depths and for that you need fantastic actresses and I just thought Monica Bulluci.

''You know, it makes sense in the story, makes sense with the ages of the characters we're dealing with. She's an incredibly seductive presence, in life and in the movie, and I'm thrilled she's in it.''

Meanwhile, Monica revealed her excitement at securing a starring role in the legendary franchise.

The Italian actress said: ''James Bond is a part of cinema history. And I respect so much all of the James Bond girls, because I think they are incredible actresses. [Lea] is very beautiful and very talented - she's a great James Bond girl.''

'Spectre' sees Daniel Craig return to the role of Bond, and he will feature alongside the likes of Christoph Waltz and Naomie Harris.