Review of Bears Album by Sam Isaac

Review of Sam Isaac's album Bears.

Sam Isaac Bears Album

A brief biography on the man that is Sam Isaac; born and raised in Malvern up and moved to London in 2006, although I'm sure he did some other stuff in between. Isaacs has played slots at the BBC's coveted electric proms and has the support of the NME. He releases his debut album 'Bear' on June 1st.

I will begin by saying that 'Bears' on the whole is a good album, with some good song writing and music, but.and here's the drawback, Isaacs' vowel pronunciation at times makes you verge on anger. So, rising above this and putting it aside, we can get on with reviewing 'Bears'.
The album opens up the title track 'Bears', which is a low key acoustic based number which exhibits his singer-songwriter moniker. It has to be said though, that the majority of the album does not have a singer-songwriter feel to it and does feel more like an indie band's album.
Chorus heavy tracks such 'Fire, Fire', 'Come Back Tonight' and 'Sticker, Star and Tape' are indie steeped songs which have strength and quality in equal numbers. Steadier songs such as 'Annie, Why are You So Angry?' and 'Sideways' are quite subdued to the point that they pass you by without you really remembering them, which is not totally a bad thing, we can call these easy listening.
His tracks such as 'Berlin' show off his talent for twisting the vowel vernacular as do 'I Traded My Friends for You' and 'Calendar'. I said I would put this aside but it does at times get annoying, particularly when he pronounces bed as 'bad' as for instance. Stop it Sam! Two lyrically strong and both beautiful tracks end the album, these being 'What Good Did That Do?' and 'Apple Tree'.
In summary the album on the whole is OK; it has a couple of highlights, a majority of not bad tracks and couple that have you checking the list of vowels to see if you have got them wrong.
Rating: 5/10

Pablo Roffey

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