Model-turned-singer and actress Samantha Fox will always be grateful to Kiss star Paul Stanley for showing her a great time during their brief fling in the late 1980s.
The Crazy Crazy Nights singer fell for the former topless model after meeting her in a New York recording studio, where she was recording an album with hip-hop act Full Force, and invited the busty Brit to tour with him - as his lover.
The romance fizzled out when Fox returned to Europe and lived as a tax exile in Spain - but she'll always look back at the fast fling she had with her own rock hero.
She tells, "He ended up showing me the America I didn't know... Paul was doing a short tour of the States (and) in between (recording) the album I went on tour with him and saw how he did things - the rock 'n' roll way. I had a great time with Paul and learned a lot from him. He's a very talented guy.
"We had a great love affair. I went on tour for six months on a bus with a band. Me and Paul tried to see each other when we could. He was then on tour with KISS. After that tour I became a tax exile... (and) I went to live in Spain for a year and our love affair just kind of fizzled out.
"There were no arguments or bad feelings. It was just a case of being apart. I have great memories of Paul. He's a really nice guy."