Sam Faiers was ''horrified'' by her skinny body after losing three stone due to Crohn's Disease.

'The Only Way Is Essex' star, 24, revealed in her new autobiography, 'Secrets and Lies', that she could not stand looking at herself in the mirror after she left the 'Celebrity Big Brother House' last year.

The book reads: ''I knew I had lost weight but not even I could tell I was nearly three stone lighter than before I went into the house.

''What I saw in the mirror, standing in my mum's bathroom, made me gasp in horror - my hip bones jutted out so far and were so sharp at the top I thought they might cut through my knicker elastic.''

Despite being distressed by her ordeal, Sam never feared for her life.

She wrote: ''I knew from the onset that whatever it was the doctors could treat it. I did not fear I was going to die there and then.

''I had over twelve blood tests, a colonoscopy, CT scans and ultrasounds, and my blood sugar levels were checked (they thought I might have anemia).

''I was on a drip for rehydration for thirty-five hours. I was riddled with ulcers and chronic pain.''