The Only Way Is Essex's James 'Arg' Argent has confirmed that the upcoming season of the hit reality show will included some new faces, and he and co-star Sam Faiers have promised that the new additions will add plenty of spice to the show's already sizzling formula.

Whilst discussing the soon-to-be-aired eighth season of the 'reality' show, Arg and Sam said that there will be some new, mostly female, faces being added to the show, with Sam adding that the newbies will be far from dull either, promising bitchiness and backstabbing aplenty - just what you could ask for really.

Sam and her sister Billie Faiers also spoke with The Sun this week about the upcoming season, and judging by their comments then it seems as though the claws and handbags are already out. "There are some new girls to ruffle some feathers," adding that the women are the encapsulation of glamour because "they have had boob jobs." Billie went on to confirm that, having already met them, the new comers "are quite plastic."

Sam and Billie may possess a sense of apprehension when discussing the newcomers, but one person who doesn't seem bothered at all by the potential for bitchiness is TOWIE stalwart Jess Wright, who told the paper: “Bring it on!”

Jess added that she is happy to see new faces on the show, but does not want to see former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger return to the show ever again following the revelations in her tell-all book. She said, “It was an absolute disgrace what she said in the book. I thought it was disgusting. I’ve got no interest in her coming back on the show. It is wrong what she has done.” 

The new series of The Only Way Is Essex begins this Sunday (Feb 24).