Former ‘X-Factor’ winner Sam Bailey has spoken of her joy to be free from Simon Cowell’s record label Syco, meaning she can now work more and arrange her own gigs. The 2013 winner of the talent show said that her TV mentor Sharon Osbourne had advised her to leave the label, so she would be able to take control of her career.

Sam BaileySam Bailey has said she wasn’t happy on Simon Cowell’s record label.

“Sharon said, ‘The sooner you are out of the record deal the better because you’ll get to do what you want to,’” Bailey told The Mirror. “There were lots of work opportunities when I was with Syco but the label wouldn’t let me take them.”

“They didn’t want me to be seen opening a school or doing something for this charity or that charity or going to a Tesco store to open their meat department,” the former prison officer added. Bailey said she was sick of “waiting around for something to happen” and being unable to arrange her own gigs.

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“I didn’t want to be sitting on my a*** waiting for Simon to say, ‘Right, you are in the studio next month’. I like to be busy.” When her Syco contract finally ended Bailey was then able to work more. “It was nice to set myself free from Simon. The next thing I knew I was working loads,” Bailey added.

Bailey now has her own stage show, Sam Bailey: Live in the West End, set to run this October, at the Lyric Theatre. She is also currently working on her new album, which she hopes will repeat the success of her debut outing, The Power Of Love.

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Meanwhile over on the ‘X-Factor’, tonight’s episode sees Simon Cowell react to being chosen to mentor the over-25 category thanks to public vote. “For f***s sake,” Cowell is reported to have said, before taking to his seat on the panel for the Six Chair Challenge.

The music mogul then turned to the crowd and said, “Are you winding me up? Are you sure that’s the right name in there? Thanks a lot.” When the judges’ categories were announced last month, Cowell had shared his surprise on twitter, writing, “Wasn't the category I was expecting. I did win last year with the Overs so I'm sure we will do great things this year.”