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18th January 2016

Tweet: "In memory of my brilliant friend Alan Rickman. He will forever be loved wherever he is." Salma Hayek pays tribute to her late Dogma co-star Alan Rickman, who died on Thursday (14Jan16).

13th August 2015

Quote: "That would be complicated because his wife is like my (on set) wife. She is the one taking care of my children (sic) when we're doing the movie, she helps me with everything and we're good friends. It's really hard to find a good wife, I wouldn't jeopardise that!" Actress Salma Hayek would never consider sleeping with her Grown Ups movie husband Adam Sandler for fear of losing the help and support of his wife, Jackie.

13th August 2015

Fact: Salma Hayek and Hugh Jackman will be among the hosts of the upcoming 2015 Global Citizen Festival in New York's Central Park. The free show, which will feature performances from Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, will hit the park on 26 September (15). Stephen Colbert, Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde will also appear as celebrity hosts.

14th July 2015

Quote: "I got to work with the wonderful (photographer) Patrick Demarchelier and he always tries to do the minimum clothes possible. I kept my pants on though. You can't see anything - don't get excited." Mexican beauty Salma Hayek on her topless photo shoot for the August 2015 issue of fashion magazine Allure.

21st April 2015

Fact: Mexican actress Salma Hayek has stunned fans by eating a cricket on camera. The stunner posted the footage of her munching on the bug on over the weekend (18-19Apr15) and it has since gone viral. The clip begins with the Frida star displaying the cricket on her tongue and then chewing on it, explaining it's a Mexican delicacy.

10th April 2015

Fact: Love letters written by iconic Mexican painter FRIDA KAHLO are set to go on display in New York City this week (ends12Apr15) before they are offered for auction. The 25 notes, written to her lover, artist Jose Bartloi, are expected to fetch up to $120,000 (£75,000). Kahlo was played by Salma Hayek in 2002 film FRIDA.

24th March 2015

Quote: "Life is about new discoveries, so today after decades of a self-imposed allergy to technology, I am losing my social media virginity! I want to be there for the people who have supported me for all these years. Because I am grateful to them and I am hoping that they get to know me better. I am excited to start this new adventure with you and I hope that it will be a fun and inspiring one." Salma Hayek makes her first Facebook post on Monday (23Mar15).

21st February 2015

Quote: "For those who have never seen me in person... oh, you should see me sometimes. At the weekend, I walk around in my pajamas. Sometimes I'll make an effort, but a lot of the time I'm just shameless. Comfortably shameless." Actress Salma Hayek insists she doesn't always look so glamorous away from the spotlight.

20th February 2015

Quote: "We're constantly scrutinised, so we learn to be hard on ourselves because everybody is hard on us, even our children, because we are the ones who are there all the time, providing that attention. In order to be considered a good wife or mother, and in the workplace, the expectations are so high." Salma Hayek on the struggles of being a working mother in Hollywood. The actress is mum to her daughter Valentina, with billionaire fashion mogul Francois-Henri Pinault.

20th February 2015

Quote: "Find the right guy! That is the key, and it’s so hard because there are so few of them. It’s very important that they support you. They should never make you feel bad or insecure. What’s important in a marriage is generosity, thoughtfulness, thinking of the other person all of the time… Spend quality time together." Salma Hayek shares the secrets to lasting love. The actress has been married to billionaire fashion mogul Francois-Henri Pinault for six years.

19th February 2015

Quote: "I never exercised my whole life, but now I do yoga. I was always borderline chubby, because I like my food, and frankly, I like my wine. I have to say, I'm pushing 50 but I feel great. I looked worse in my youth! I'm in good shape right now." Sexy actress Salma Hayek, 48, has credited her newfound love of yoga with helping her look better than ever.

9th September 2014

Quote: "She’s an icon. It won’t be the same without her. Red carpets will not be the same without her... She invented a whole way of making fun a little bit of fashion (sic). We’re going to miss her." Salma Hayek pays tribute to Joan Rivers, who passed away last week (04Sep14).

7th September 2014

Quote: "She's an icon. It won't be he same without her - red carpets will not be the same without her." Actress Salma Hayek remembers late comedienne Joan Rivers, who famously critiqued celebrity outfits on her Tv show Fashion Police.

28th July 2014

Quote: "It might not seem like shooting those guns is physical, but it was. They were heavy!" Actress Salma Hayek got a real work out on the set of new film Everly, about a captured woman who attempts to escape by any means necessary.

11th July 2013

Fact: Mexican actress Salma Hayek thrilled Late Show With David Letterman viewers on Wednesday night (10Jul13) by performing a rendition of America's National Anthem, The Star Spangled-Banner, on U.S. Tv to prove she has overcome her crippling stage fright, which dogged her at the beginning of her career.

15th June 2013

Quote: "I gained so much weight, I got an opportunity to see myself completely disfigured in many different ways - for a very good reason - and I don't regret it for a second. That's when I started appreciating my body. The things that I used to criticise, they were not that bad after all." Actress Salma Hayek learned to love her changing body while pregnant with her daughter Valentina in 2007.

13th June 2013

Quote: "I know people have always thought I was beautiful, but I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be... (I could) exercise, or not eat dessert. Or not drink alcohol. I could make bigger efforts. I don't think my first priority in life has ever been beauty. It's a little bit of a rebellious spirit in me. There is more to me than looks, of course." Sexy Latin actress Salma Hayek insists she doesn't put too much effort into her appearance.

14th March 2013

Fact: Salma Hayek has become the latest star to don a 'milk moustache' for America's Got Milk? campaign. The Mexican actress poses in a pink dressing gown with her hair in rollers for the new American Dairy Council ads.

17th February 2013

Fact: Actress Salma Hayek, singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham and Danish beauty Helena Christensen were among the stars who visited British Prime Minister David Cameron's official residence on Friday (16Feb13) for a London Fashion Week reception. Designers Donatella Versace, L'Wren Scott and Manolo Blahnik also turned up to the event at 10 Downing Street.

8th October 2012

Quote: "If you're 50-something and you look like Madonna, and you put a lifetime's work in the way you look, then flash it to the world!" Actress Salma Hayek applauds the 54-year-old Material Girl for putting her toned body on display in skimpy stage outfits.

4th October 2012

Quote: "The worst thing you can be in Hollywood is a woman and over 40. On top of that, I have an accent, am dyslexic, short and chubby. You name it I have it, but I am here. I must be the luckiest girl in the world to be working.” Salma Hayek, 46, on ageing in the movie industry.

25th September 2012

Quote: "I didn't think marriage worked. I thought everybody who was married was secretly miserable, that it was something they just put up with for their children." Salma Hayek had no faith in marriage before she wed businessman Francois-Henri Pinault.

28th June 2012

Fact: Jada Pinkett Smith and Salma Hayek have teamed up to make a new music video to promote The Matrix Revolutions star's new Don't Sell Bodies campaign, which raises awareness about the exploitation and sex trafficking of women and children around the world.

19th June 2012

Quote: "She's a little paranoid, just in general, and so for some time, every time she was going to fly, she would call me crying, saying, 'If I die, make sure that this goes to my brother and that that happens and this goes to this house, and the dog has to be taken care of by my sister', you know, all kinds of things, and she was just flying from New York to L.A. or something. It took a while for her to recover." Salma Hayek on trying to help pal Penelope Cruz overcome her irrational flying fears after the two actresses were caught up in an emergency landing drama in 2004.

17th April 2012

Quote: "If you're in love with someone, you always want to conquer them anew... I like to look nice for him. He inspires me. There are men who don't notice what you're wearing, and that's cool. But when you make an effort, Francois appreciates it so much." Salma Hayek likes to dress well for her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault.

9th December 2011

Quote: "I was the youngest in class and all these girls were starting to get (breasts) and I wasn't getting anything - I was really scared. I was getting teased a lot... I went to a church that had a saint that was supposed to do a lot of miracles. I put my hands in the holy water and went: 'Please Jesus give me some boobs'." Salma Hayek jokes about the origin of her famous curves.

9th December 2011

Quote: "I found it hard to pronounce her name. I called her 'Kitty Soft Porn'. It was difficult at first, but now I am used to the words." Mexican actress Salma Hayek struggled to get to grips with the name of the character, Kitty Softpaws, in Puss In Boots.

21st November 2011

Fact: Salma Hayek took a tumble in Paris, France on Sunday (20Nov11) as she left her hotel. The actress was walking hand-in-hand with her daughter Valentina when she stumbled and fell outside the Four Seasons George V, before quickly regaining her composure.

3rd November 2011

Quote: "One day (director) Chris (Miller) and I were recording in the (sound) studio and the wall came down on us. I'm not kidding - we're alive by a miracle!" Actress Salma Hayek recalls a frightening day on the film set of Puss In Boots.

26th October 2011

Quote: "We went to see a movie but I didn't know they had the trailer out for (Shrek spin-off) Puss In Boots. When Valentina heard my voice she said, 'Mommy, that cat sounds just like you!' She was very confused at the beginning but she loves it now." Salma Hayek's four-year-old daughter is the actress' biggest fan.

25th October 2011

Quote: "She's here but she said, 'If you're going to talk about me, you have to run the stories by me first. You cannot just go on national television and say whatever you want about me.'" Salma Hayek is banned from talking about her four-year-old daughter Valentina during interviews.

7th October 2011

Quote: "I work hard, I make my own living and I love it. I like having financial independence. I don't ever want to have to depend on anyone completely. But when I have troubles sometimes, it's nice to have someone there to help." Salma Hayek refuses to give up her acting career because she would never want to fully depend on her billionaire husband Francois-henri Pinault.

24th August 2011

Quote: "There were two monkeys that were going to be a part of the movie (Desperado), and I became quite close to them. Antonio (Banderas) gave them to me. I had them for years. One of them got out, and a cat killed him, then the female monkey stopped eating. It's a tragic love story." Actress Salma Hayek once kept two pet monkeys.

25th May 2011

Quote: "It is great to see somebody who you think deserves it get everything she has ever dreamed of. It's magical. It gives you hope." Salma Hayek is delighted to see her best friend and fellow actress Penelope Cruz revel in motherhood and marriage as her career continues to soar.

11th May 2011

Quote: "I do feel my body beginning to (age) - like, I need glasses now when I read my scripts. I wear them, but I'm happy to wear them and happy that I still get to read my scripts. So it's not been so bad. They scared me. They told me, 'Forget it. At 30, it's over for you.' And it has not been the case. It feels great to age in Hollywood." Salma Hayek, 44, isn't scared of the ageing process.

6th April 2011

Quote: "In high school I loved Salma Hayek. When you have big boobs or a big butt, you think you can't dress elegantly, but she showed me you can. She always looks so well put together, even with her big boobs. And Jennifer Lopez too." Curvy star Kim Kardashian reveals her fashion idols.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "There's something very romantic about doing independent films, about doing a little movie with a little trailer and little time and little money, but sometimes not such little subject matters." Actress Salma Hayek likes to take a break from Hollywood blockbusters to concentrate on smaller projects.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "Having someone who appreciates fashion makes you excited about getting dressed. I think that if I was with someone else I wouldn't enjoy it as much. It's a challenge. You have to be good. And I don't like to have a stylist. Because if he likes it, I want him to be proud of me and not think, 'The stylist did a good job'. That's not sexy!" Salma Hayek dresses to impress her fashion entrepreneur husband Francois-henri Pinault.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "It's never hurt me. It makes me feel a little bit embarrassed for the person - like, 'Whoa, you're stupid!' But yes, a lot of times I didn't get movies because of my accent, or because I'm Mexican. Many times the idiots are in power. What are you gonna do?" Hollywood actress Salma Hayek refuses to let racist slurs get to her.

30th September 2010

Fact: Actress Halle Berry and her rumoured beau Olivier Martinez are sharing their new romance with friends - the couple spent a day with fellow movie star Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina at the Spanish actress' marital home near Paris, France earlier this week (begs27Sep10).

23rd August 2010

Quote: "I'm becoming very attracted to the idea of working in Europe. I'm spending a lot of time there!" Actress Salma Hayek considers taking her career away from Hollywood.

24th June 2010

Quote: "We have this Jack Russell, his name is Elvis. He actually listens to Valentina. She's very bossy." One of Salma Hayek's pet dogs only acts out the orders of her daughter Valentina.

23rd June 2010

Quote: "We eat bugs, Mexicans. Look, I'm salivating. They're delicious. These little ants fried are amazing - with a little guacamole. And the worms... there are many different recipes for those. The little grasshoppers have a smoky flavour to them. It's the way they cook them, and it's really good." Mexican actress Salma Hayek's snacktime is a little creepy.

23rd June 2010

Quote: "My French is getting a little better, my English is getting worse!" Mexican star Salma Hayek is struggling to maintain her skills in Spanish, English and French, the native language of her husband, Francois-henri Pinault.

9th June 2010

Quote: "I just learned how to use the computer last week. My husband's been begging me to learn to do it. I've been resistant to it but he tricked me. I love Sudoku. He said, 'Look at this iPad, you can play Sudoku here.' This is my favourite thing at the moment." Actress Salma Hayek is hooked on her new gadget.

14th May 2010

Quote: "No surgical tweaks. No Botox either. I think it is terrible, these girls in their late 20s injecting their faces and lips. One told me, 'If I kill my muscles now, I'll never get wrinkles.' Can you imagine?" Actress Salma Hayek is determined not to undergo cosmetic enhancements to beat the ageing process.

16th March 2010

Fact: Health-conscious actress Salma Hayek has launched her own range of organic juices designed to cleanse the body. The Frida star has been a fan of cleansing beverages for years and she's now released her own drink, Cooler Cleanse. But the fruity diet programme doesn't come cheap - prices start from $58 (£36.25) a day.

11th March 2010

Quote: "No big deal. Like when you have to get into something with somebody you're not attracted to. Like they have bad breath and you have to pretend you're in love. You just do it." Actress Salma Hayek on filming a nude scene with a woman in FRIDA.

4th March 2010

Fact: Actress Salma Hayek gave up some of her free time on Tuesday (02Mar10) to treat children in California to a special book reading. The Frida star, who is mum to two-year-old daughter Valentina, entertained a group of kids in Burbank with a Dora the Explorer story, as part of children's TV channel Nickelodeon's 10th anniversary celebrations.

2nd November 2009

Quote: "I was so busy last Christmas, and I needed a dress for the Golden Globes. He just completely took over the whole thing." Salma Hayek loves being married to fashion executive Francois-henri Pinault.

30th October 2009

Quote: "I'm a simple girl who enjoys cooking, reading and entertaining... My only vices are Cuban cigars and margaritas... I also like kissing." Salma Hayek lists a few of her favourite things.

19th May 2009

Quote: All you see is Salma and a sea of ties, and shes leading. A woman who is in control, who commands the ship and knows what shes doing, is what I want to be. Zoe Saldana on her Hollywood idol, Salma Hayek.

28th April 2009

Quote: "I'm really happy for them and they're just a beautiful couple. We're really good friends, and it was really a celebration of love - that's what it was really about. Everything was gorgeous." Charlize Theron is delighted for pal Salma Hayek following the renewal of her wedding vows to husband Francois-henri Pinault on Saturday (25Apr09).

19th March 2009

Fact: Salma Hayek is set to join the all-star cast of Adam Sandler's new comedy. The actress will play the funnyman's wife in the as-yet-untitled project, which will star Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James.

5th March 2009

Fact: Newlyweds Salma Hayek and French billionaire Francois-henri Pinault made their first public appearance as man and wife at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday (05Mar09). The couple, who wed on St. Valentine's Day (14Feb09), attended the Balenciaga show at the French capital's Hotel Crillon to show their support for the exclusive fashion house Pinault owns.

14th January 2009

Quote: "Working with him is like having the most delicious ice cream on earth. I was going to do one episode, then I tasted that ice cream; then two episodes, and then three, and then four, and then five. And I said, 'I'm taking a break'. But now I'm going for the sixth." Actress Salma Hayek can't step away from the set of U.S. TV show 30 ROCK since guest starring with Alec Baldwin.

14th January 2009

Fact: Animal-friendly actress Salma Hayek has acquired a stable of five horses, eight dogs, two parrots and 20 chickens since purchasing her farm in Washington state.

12th January 2009

Quote: "Those are the most amazing boobs." Transformers star Megan Fox was stunned by the sight of Salma Hayek's chest on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

13th November 2008

Quote: "I'm like an alcoholic. It is like, I don't care if I cry, I don't care if I am fat, I am just going to do it for one more week, one more month, and then, when I see how much good it is doing her, I can't stop." Salma Hayek is hooked on breastfeeding her baby daughter VALENTINA.

10th November 2008

Quote: "It's important for men to learn to follow someone's essence. So regardless of what happens to the body, they can stay in love. For a man they need that plus the other stuff. They need to look at you not just as a human body, but as a fellow soul. But so many of them don't." Actress Salma Hayek on why couples fall out of love.

31st October 2008

Fact: Actress Kate Beckinsale has beaten Salma Hayek to the top of a new poll to find the sexiest screen vampire. Beckinsale's role in 2003's Underworld topped Hayek's performance in 1996's From Dusk Till Dawn, while Monica Bellucci came third for her part in 1992's DRACULA.

24th October 2008

Fact: Heidi Klum, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and Katie Holmes have made the list of Hot Hollywood Mums in U.S. magazine In Touch Weekly. Jenny McCarthy and Catherine Zeta-Jones also make the grade.

8th April 2008

Quote: "I don't even remember what my life was like before. I can tell you that I don't sleep. This is a cliche but it's true. I haven't slept in the last six months." New mum Salma Hayek on motherhood.

10th March 2008

Quote: "I'm a late bloomer... I'm 41, and I know that a lot of women think that this is the time when you start getting depressed. To that I say, 'No, no, no, no, no!' I'm having the best time of my life." New mother Salma Hayek insists life starts at 40.

24th February 2008

Fact: Charlize Theron won $250,000 (GBP125,000) in a charity dominoes match organised by Salma Hayek on Thursday night (21Feb08). The Oscar winner beat Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Kate Hudson, among others to become the event's big winner.

12th November 2007

Fact: Salma Hayek, producer of hit show UGLY BETTY, has created and sold yet another TV series - a female werewolf drama called Howl.

12th October 2007

Quote: "The most embarrassing thing was I forgot to thank Salma Hayek, who's the executive producer of our show. That was bad. She was at home about to have her baby so she was probably more mad at me." UGLY BETTY star America Ferrera forgot to thank her boss in her Best Actress acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards last month (Sep07).

30th August 2007

Fact: Penelope Cruz spent over $1,000 (GBP500) on baby clothes and accessories for her heavily-pregnant pal Salma Hayek's baby shower party on 25 August (07).

18th July 2007

Fact: Sexy Latina Salma Hayek has become the new face of Italian drinks brand Campari.

13th April 2007

Quote: "I went to college for political science. I wanted to be president of Mexico." Salma Hayek on her political ambitions.

29th January 2007

Fact: Penelope Cruz celebrated her Oscar nomination at Los Angeles' Il Sole restaurant with best pal Salma Hayek and Mia Maestro last Tuesday (23JAN07).

17th January 2007

Quote: "There is nothing in the world that turns me on more than talent." Sultry actress Salma Hayek knows exactly what she wants in a man.

23rd November 2006

Fact: Actress Salma Hayek was among the family and friends wishing retired Dominican Republic baseball great SAMMY SOSA a happy 38th birthday at his home in La Romana on 12 November (06).

21st November 2006

Quote: "Instead of bringing wine, she bought crickets... They looked disgusting... Then she left them in my house. They're probably still there just turning green." Penelope Cruz is disgusted by pal Salma Hayek's penchant for eating crickets, a Mexican delicacy.

13th July 2006

Fact: Celebrities including Salma Hayek, Joaquin Phoenix, Mariah Carey and Nick Lachey are to show off their painting skills when they help decorate a series of life-size Labrador dog statues to be displayed around Aspen, Colorado. As well as promoting the Aspen Filmfest, the auction of the exhibits will fund the festival's youth education programme.

4th July 2006

Fact: Actor Josh Lucas has reportedly found love with another film beauty after splitting from sexy Salma Hayek - he has been spotted romancing French actress ALEXA DAVALOS.

22nd May 2006

Quote: "I had a grey hair once, but I reversed it. I didn't pull it out, I just willed it to go away." Actress Salma Hayek offers advice on how to banish the signs of ageing.

23rd March 2006

Quote: "When I first met him, I was terrified. I couldn't understand a word he said - except for the bad ones." Actress Salma Hayek on her famously foul-mouthed ASK THE DUST co-star Colin Farrell.

8th March 2006

Quote: "I had stupid preconceived notions. I thought, 'Maybe he's a flake, maybe he's not going to show up on time, maybe he's not going to take this seriously.'" Salma Hayek on ASK THE DUST co-star Colin Farrell.

7th March 2006

Quote: "If I find another guy it's got to be someone who really likes dogs... I've been single for a long time." Salma Hayek insists potential suitors must love her six pooches.

6th March 2006

Quote: "My body is just the space where I live. Though I'll admit, it's a pretty good body to have... I'd rather be a little heavier but nice, rather than skinny and bitchy." Salma Hayek hates dieting and sees no reason to.

18th January 2006

Fact: <p>Salma Hayek has signed up as the face of cosmetics giant Avon in South America. </p>

30th November 2005

Fact: <p>Julianne Moore and Salma Hayek have been named as hosts of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. They will be joined at the star-studded show by performances from Gladys Knight, 1980s group Duran Duran and British pop trio Sugababes. </p>

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