Salma Hayek worries about her daughter's resilience.

Although the 53-year-old actress is very proud of 12-year-old Valentina - who wants to act in and direct movies when she is older - Salma fears that the youngster will have a harder time in the future as she has never had any ''obstacles'' in her life.

Speaking about Valentina - whose father is French billionaire Francois-henri Pinault - Salma explained to HELLO! magazine: ''She has so many talents. She draws she wants to shoot movies - both as a director and as the lead - and she writes great pieces. Sometimes, when I read her work, I have an urge to produce these stories. But she tells me that she will do it by herself when she's older.

''Valentina has always done what she wanted. I've never made her do anything and this means she hasn't yet learned how to overcome obstacles. I know by experience that only the overcoming of some difficulties can lead you in the right direction.''

Meanwhile, Salma revealed she is still madly in love with her husband Francois, 14 years after they first met.

She gushed: ''I think the path I've chosen has led me into the right direction, to the love of my life, my husband Francois. I'm really happy I didn't take all the other roads I could have chosen.

''Maybe the roads I've taken weren't the wisest ones but I've always liked to experiment and not plant. And this quality I think has brought me to where I'm standing now.''

Salma's latest movie 'The Road's Not Taken' features Javier Barden as Leo, a man suffering with dementia, and Salma as his ex-wife Dolores and she admitted she was worried that they would not be able to portray an acrimonious relationship on-screen as they are such good friends.

She said: ''I always say if you want to spoil a friendship, you either borrow your friend's money or play with him in a movie. It wasn't easy because we had to yell and scream at each other. I remember the first time I came to the set - me and Javier went to have lunch and called [Javier's wife] Penlope Cruz laughing and making faces. She watched it and then said, 'You won't succeed guys'.

''But the next day, we left our trailers, stepped in front of a camera and Javier was Leo and I was Dolores. We transformed into the actors who first met on this set, just two strangers doing our job.''