Salma Hayek uses meditation to be comfortable with her body.

The 54-year-old actress recently put on weight for her performance in 'House of Gucci' and, although it is taking longer for her to lose the extra pounds, meditation has helped her to let go of the pressure that Hollywood puts on her to maintain an ideal body size.

She told InStyle: "I've lost very little. You go, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa.' You gain it so fast, but it takes so long to lose it. [Because of the pressures of] what's expected for a woman who people consider good-looking. As you get older, you're expected not to age.

"[Given] how much mileage I put on my body and how much pressure and judgment I put on it, my body has been incredibly generous. I don't think I am some hot tamale, but I know that for my age, for the lifestyle that I lived, I'm not doing too badly. And I attribute all of this to meditation."

The 'Frida' star began her journey with meditation in her 30s after experiencing lower back pain but it has since helped her to accept her body in a "different way".

She added: "It makes you experience your body with a lightness that's really delicious and satisfying. With the breathing and the going inside, you explore your body in a different way, and you learn not to go crazy with the expectations."

Meanwhile, Salma - who married Francois-Henri Pinault in 2009 - joked she "landed" the chairman and CEO of French luxury goods firm Kering as she "doesn't care" about fashion.

She said of her other half: ​"We understand each other really well. "I'm lucky, and it makes my life easier, but it was never a priority for me. "One friend said, 'I cannot believe that out of all of us, the one who cares the least about fashion is the one who landed that guy!' So I told my husband this. He laughed and said, 'That's why you landed me.'"