Salma Hayek thinks she is a ''better mother'' for having her daughter later in life.

The 'Lessons In Love' actress was 41 when she and husband Francois-Henri Pinault welcomed daughter Valentina, now seven, into the world and she believes the ''fantastic privilege'' of parenthood comes along at the ''right time'' for everyone, no matter how varied the circumstance.

She said: ''Sometimes you find the love of your life at 16 and sometimes... you don't. Both have pros and cons.

''For me, I'm a better mother because I had my child later, but I think your child comes at the right time -- when it's supposed to come for you. I don't believe it's when you want a child but when it's time for that soul to come.''

The family currently divide their time between Paris and London and Salma is particularly enjoying the ''adventure'' of life in the UK.

She told ES magazine: ''I don't know if we're going to stay or not, but it's been a great adventure. I'm so happy. I have so many great friends here and I speak English much better than I speak French.''

The 49-year-old actress - who also has her own production company, beauty brand and juice delivery company - admitted she has considered slowing down in her professional life but thinks she'd get too bored.

She said: ''I was thinking last night that maybe next year, when I finish the two or three films I'm working on, I'm going to take it easy and just go to the spa every day... but it would be so boring. No?

''I guess it's not altogether me.''