Lovely Latina Salma Hayek encountered a dirty trick on the new season premiere of US TV prank show PUNK'D on Sunday night (06MAR05), when she was caught up in a restaurant stink.

The sexy actress was a victim of a practical joke, pulled on her by pal Penelope Cruz and Punk'd host Ashton Kutcher at his Los Angeles restaurant Geisha House.

Hayek was dragged to the restroom by Cruz and an assistant to witness a large pile of excrement blocking the toilet, and when the trio tried to flush, the loo overflowed and the girls ran, giggling from the scene.

When they took their places at the table again, the girls were identified as the culprits of the mess and a manager was called to ask, "Which one of you did it?"

Another diner at a nearby table, who was in on the joke, then leaned across and told Hayek, "You're disgusting," prompting the concerned Mexican to state, "This is very very disturbing."

Eventually, Kutcher joined the girls at their table, leaving Hayek bemused and her friends giggling like schoolgirls.

08/03/2005 03:26