Superheroes are really seeing their day in modern culture. Whether they're taking over the big screen as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe or something else entirely; or are a part of television, proving that you don't need huge budgets to tell compelling and addictive stories, more characters from the world of comic books are being brought to life in a variety of unique ways.

Salim Akil serves as showrunner on The CW series 'Black Lightning'Salim Akil serves as showrunner on The CW series 'Black Lightning'

This year, it's the turn of DC character Black Lightning, who now has his own show on The CW, sitting alongside the likes of 'Arrow', 'The Flash', 'Supergirl', and 'Legends of Tomorrow'. Whilst 'Black Lightning' doesn't exist within the same 'Arrowverse' as the four latter shows, that doesn't mean there aren't huge ambitions for those working behind-the-scenes for major events at some point down the road.

Though there are no official plans for any 'Black Lightning' spinoffs, we imagine there are a lot of conversations taking place behind closed doors.

Speaking with showrunner Salim Akil about the success the series has seen with its debut, Yahoo Movies UK suggested that a new TV universe - dubbed the 'Lightningverse' - could come to fruition thanks to his show.

He replied: "Yeah let’s hope so, we want to entertain. I know this show is topical and it has some political merit to it, but we also want to entertain and make people laugh and get them excited about the fight sequences, and the characters that are coming in, as well as the villains that are coming in. We hope it will be a well-rounded experience so yes, we’d love to see other superheroes come through."

In particular, he looked to be excited about the potential of a series revolving around the hero Static, but as we say, nothing has yet been made official.

Whatever the case may be, we just hope that the quality of one show would not slip if others were to be brought to the table. It's something we've seen in the past with 'Arrow' in particular, and so showrunners, writers and the like will have to ensure they can keep all of their juggling balls in the air if they bring more work to their plate.

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'Black Lightning' continues on The CW in the US each Tuesday, with episodes available weekly on Netflix in the UK.