Sadie Frost's miniature dachshund, Cherry, is her "best friend", and even joins her meditation sessions and goes to her retreats in Malta with her.

The 58-year-old actress - who has Rafferty, 28, Iris, 23, and Rudy, 21, with ex-husband Jude Law and Finlay, 33, with first husband Gary Kemp - says her canine companion is her "biggest protector" and she doesn't go too far without her.

She told Top Sante magazine: "My mini dachshund Cherry is my biggest protector. She's my biggest snuggler, my biggest yogi companion, and she loves keeping me company while I meditate.

The great thing is that she can come with me everywhere, and that includes staying with me at the Amchara Health Retreat in Gozo, Malta, where I've been going since it opened in 2015.

I've recently partnered with Amchara to offer some of my own wellness retreats and lend my creative eye to refurbishing the suites, and Cherry was there helping me to decorate the rooms. She's absolutely my best friend, and I'm very lucky to have her."

Before leading a quieter spiritual life, the 'Empire State' actress was part of the Primrose Hill clique in the 1990s, a group of celebrities famous for their penchant for partying.

However, Sadie is not so much of a party animal these days.

She is thankful to able to balance family life with her work as an actress and healer and has even been teaching Rudy and Finley yoga and meditation.

She said: I'm glad l've managed to have a career while prioritising my children and not missing out on years of their lives. I'm so lucky to have them around me, and they've all had a taste for wellness and health. My eldest son Fin had yoga lessons from me, and I was practising meditation and yoga with my youngest son Rudy the other day."

Sadie loves "healing people" and does not see it as an occupation.

And the mother-of-four is proud that she's managed to maintain a successful career and not "sacrificed" herself or her family.

She explained: "I recently qualified as a Jivamukti yoga teacher, and I'm doing courses in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit to further my knowledge on the history of yoga. But I don't study and practice to create a new career. I just love passing the message on and healing people. I'm glad I can make films and act and do my wellness thing because the two blend wherever I'm working.

I've achieved a lot, and I haven't sacrificed myself or my family for this crazy life."