When 18.11.2012

Movie director Sacha Gervasi discusses his new biopic film 'Hitchcock' in an interview in New York. He talks about the reactions of former 'Psycho' crew members, the fall of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and Anthony Hopkins' Hitchcock-esque practical jokes.

When asked about how people connected to Alfred Hitchcock reacted to the movie, Gervasi seems pleased with the 'wonderful' response. 'I remember Marshall Schlom who was the original script supervisor on 'Psycho' came to the set and saw we were shooting a particular scene where he had been the script supervisor, met the person playing him, and he started to get incredibly emotional and he said to Tony Hopkins right in front of me. 'You've given me my memories back'', Gervasi gushes. 'It was such a touching moment.' He also mentions how the MPAA hardly seems relevant anymore: 'Hitchcock was one of the people who ultimately ended up demolishing the system' and how Hopkins was as much of a practical joker as Hitchcock was renowned to be. 'He would take great delight in tip-toeing up to people and then whispering in their ear, 'Good evening!' and tapping them and literally I saw like three people just jump in the air', Gervasi recalls.


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