Sabrina Carpenter is determined not to "get pregnant" any time soon.

The 24-year-old singer-and-actress - who is dating 'Saltburn' star Barry Keoghan - urged her fans to "be smart" and make sure they are using contraception.

Asked to give a sex tip, she told America's Cosmopolitan magazine: "I mean, at the end of the day, my whole thing right now is, whatever you do, don’t get pregnant. That’s the way I’m living my life. So that’s my sex tip. Be smart. Use protection."

But Sabrina then urged people to make sure they do whatever makes them "comfortable" when it comes to intimacy.

She said: "Do whatever feels most comfortable to you. You can be curious and ask questions, but a lot of it is just going to be you learning yourself.

"So do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and safe."

The 'Feather' singer has never gone "actively looking" for a partner and claimed most of her dating experiences so far are down to "fate".

She said: "I know that’s super broad, but I don’t actively look for it. The relationships that I actually want to put my energy into have to be so interesting or invigorating because they take me away from the other things I love.

"So yeah, it’s fun and it’s messy. I think I’m still just at this place where I’m really enjoying the newness of all of it."

The 'Girl Meets World' actress has never used dating apps to find love but finds they can be comforting in a surprising way.

She admitted: "I have one app, and I usually just never open it.

"But there would be times where I would just want to see that other people exist. I know that sounds weird.

"Because when you’re on tour for a very long time, you’re just like, oh my God, there’s no one around."