Rylan Clark finally left the X Factor last weekend, having been booted out after weeks of controversy and almost never getting positive reviews for his performances. However, despite not having the strongest voice in the competition, clearly ITV saw other talents and less than a week after he exited the show they've offered him a job on their morning daily show, 'DayBreak'.

He'll be filling in for Richard Arnold who covers all the showbiz news for the program. "I can't believe it! I only left X Factor a week ago and now I'm joining Lorraine and Aled on the Daybreak sofa." Rylan said, reports the Mirror, "I'm a massive fan of the show and it's going to be so much fun sharing all the showbiz news and gossip with the nation each morning... I'm looking forward to keeping Richard's seat warm while he's swanning off on holiday, but I won't be asking for any dancing tips just yet!"

Richard Arnold congratulated the young singer, in response to Rylan's post, saying: "The wonderful thing about this hurly burly business we call show[biz] is that you know ultimately you will one day be replaced by someone younger, thinner and in this case much taller than you. I wish Rylan all the best in his new role at Daybreak." You can catch him in action from 7:50am on Monday morning (Dec. 3rd) and all next week on ITV1.