Ryan Seacrest is producing a television game-show adaptation of the best-selling mobile game 'Draw Something'. CBS has already ordered a pilot episode of the show, some 20-years after it had success with 'Win, Lose or Draw', a show with a similar concept to Seacrest's new offering.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, 'Draw Something' hails from a team including Sony Pictures Television, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Embassy Row. It will see celebrities and everyday contestants playing in front of a live audience in order to earn cash prizes. The aim of the game is to 'draw something' and attempt to convey a 'guess word' to your partner, or team. The original mobile app - developed by Omgpop - won the Flurry App Spotlight Award in 2012. During its first five weeks after launching, 'Draw Something' had been downloaded 20 million times, with both the game and its developer being bought for around $180 million by gaming giant Zynga.
A host for the pilot has not been determined, though Ryan Seacrest is not expected to have an on-air presence. Cbs landed the show after a "multi-network bidding war", and expectations are said to be extremely high for the programme. The show isn't expected to premiere until mid-2013 at the earliest.