Rumours had been circulating that Ryan Seacrest might not be making an appearance on the latest round of 'American Idol,' surely a man who just signed a $30 million contract with the show shouldn't be allowed to take any sick-time off. Seacrest put aside visions of him resting up with a lemsip atop a bed constructed from a large pile of money though, by turning up for last night's show - although The Hollywood Reporter wrote that it was the executive producer Nigel Lythgoe who had to step in for the Awol host when it came to banter with the contestants.
Seacrest was looking peaky though at the show's beginning, with the stage manager Debbie Williams explaining that he was feeling "under the weather," and helping him move from point to point by his hand, giving hugs and generally making a fuss of the star. Whether it was testament to the magical energy of 'Idol,' or maybe a curt reminder that he was still on national television on a massive contract ill or not, he made a remarkable recovery though, and by the end of the opening number was singing along to 'We Are The Champions' by Queen alongside judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.
Seacrest wasn't the only one feeling ill last night either, as an audience member had to be tended to by a medic after looking like she might faint. The heat of Queen night evidently was nothing short of overpowering.