Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor will ''keep trying until they get it right''.

The couple have been dating on and off for the past three years and as Ryan marked his third year anniversary working alongside Kelly Ripa, he also admitted it was an anniversary of threes for him and his girlfriend.

Speaking on Live! With Kelly & Ryan, he said: ''It is our third time together. So we've gotten together, broken up, gotten together, broken up. This is number three of being together. So we're celebrating as well. It's an eight-year run, but it's our third run together. So we celebrate each trial ... listen, nothing's perfect. You just keep trying until you get it right.

''You know, when we drive by an amusement park, I always look at the roller coaster and go, 'Look, there we are'. It's all definitely upside down loops. It's no Thunder Mountain, it's definitely the Mind Bender.''

Meanwhile, Ryan previously revealed he fell in love with his girlfriend because of her gluten-free pancakes.

He said: ''It was the first time we were together, and she said, 'I make these amazing gluten-free pancakes,' and I said, 'What?! Well, tell me everything!' That is all it took for me to really fall.''

And Shayna thinks she and Ryan have great ''food chemistry''.

The couple relocated from New York to Los Angeles in 2017 for the presenter's new job on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' and have embraced the new chapter in their lives.

She said: ''Moving to a new city together was fun because we were also having a new chapter together.''

Despite their busy schedules, the couple think it's important to make time for one another with activities such as boxing, yoga and tango lessons.

Ryan said: ''For the last six months, we both wake up an hour earlier than we used to so we have time together to work out, take a walk, take our time without having to rush. ... It's been wonderful.''