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I find Seacrest obnoxious. He's like a barracuda on American Idol waiting for anything to attack Simon Cowell over in the hopes of humiliating him.........last week's Idol had a moment that totally caught hhim off guard when he was met with stony silence after yet another sarcastic comment to Simon..now tthat moment was well deserved and I loved it!!About time.although Simon dishes it out as good as hhe gets sparring with Seacrest, for a TV host to pperform so unprofessionally is ridiculous.

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by south954

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Merv Griffin made Ryan a star, but first Ryan had to have sex with Merv. Ew. Yuk. .

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by my two cents

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Hey RyanI am one of your biggest fan. I love American Idol,E-news,I love listening to you on the radio Saturday morning and everything you do.You are my favorite host ever and I think you are sexy. I've been a fan of you for very long time.I love all the clothes you wear they make you look hot.I do hope one of these we do get to meet that would be the best day ever.Love your biggest fan.Chinnel

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Chinnel

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Hi,Looking to make contact with..Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez or anyone from the Starting over House. I have a story that would blow anyones mind. I'm not looking for and handouts. I need to tell Jennifer Lopez I'm sorry. She knows Ryan...he knows the story. My name is Sabrina. Live in Georgia. They will know who I'am. I hurt them, and now I need to apologize. Please help,Sabrina

Posted 18 years 4 months ago by sabrina ga

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