Ryan Reynolds has begged wife Scarlett Johansson to quit smoking for their anniversary.

The 'Proposal' actor is desperate for his 24-year-old wife to give up the smelly habit, and has asked her to do it as a present for him as they celebrate being married for a year.

A source said: "Scarlett has sworn to her shining knight she'll kick nicotine to prove she's the world's happiest wife. Now she's researching hypnosis therapy."

While Scarlett has agreed to kick her bad habit for her spouse, he has not been so forthcoming in agreeing to her requests.

Earlier this year, it was claimed Scarlett wanted Ryan to stop riding his motorbike after he was almost involved in an accident.

A source said at the time: "She's petrified a serious accident is just around the corner. When she asked Ryan to give up motorcycling, he flat out refused. And that led to a pretty heavy argument."