Ryan Reynolds has been ''mostly drinking'' while in self-isolation with Blake Lively and their children.

The 'Deadpool' star and his wife - who have daughters James, five, Inez, three, and a seven month old whose name they haven't revealed - are observing social distancing measures put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus and though they want their extended time at home to be an ''educational experience'' for their kids, the actor joked he's found other distractions.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert via video link on 'The Late Show', he said: ''We're doing a lot of home-schooling. We're lucky enough to have a little, tiny garden, so we're learning a little bit about gardening. We're trying to make this an educational experience.

''But I'm mostly drinking.''

The Aviation Gin owner insisted he is happy to be ''doing girl's stuff'' in his all-female household.

He laughed: ''I do not miss masculine company at all.

''Really, most men tend to just be the architects of someone's demise. So it's fine. I like just being here with the girls. I like doing the girls' stuff.

''Like, I try not to push sort of gender normative ideas on my kids as they're born, but each one as soon as they came out of the chute, they wanted to make dresses, they wanted to dress in hot pink all day.

''That's what I've been doing. This morning we made dresses out of tissue paper, which was fun for them.

''This is what we're doing! We're developing the skills that will take us into the new world.''

Ryan is now preparing for a new look courtesy of his former 'Gossip Girl' star wife, but hasn't previously been impressed by her barbering skills.

He said: ''Tomorrow, Blake is going to give me a haircut.

''She did this once before. It took two and a half hours. And then at the end it looked like she had done the whole thing using only a lighter or, like those gloves that are made of sand paper. It would have been a little faster if she had just rubbed my head until the hair disappeared.

''But tomorrow I'm getting a haircut, and I'm very excited.''

The couple have donated $1 million to food banks in America and Canada, as well as $400,000 to hospitals in New York City, and the 'Proposal' actor has also pledged to donate a percentage of sales of his gin to help out-of-work bartenders.

And Ryan thinks it is important that those in a position to ''give back'' do so.

He said: ''I'm not really in the business of telling people what to do, necessarily, but I do think it's incumbent upon those who can give back to do so. Particularly at a time like this.''