Ryan Reynolds loved trying to “murder” his brothers during his childhood Christmas holidays.

The 46-year-old star admitted some of his “fondest memories” are of the epic snowball fights he and his siblings used to have when the cold weather hit in Canada.

He said: “As a kid growing up, we’d get snow in Vancouver sometimes at Christmas and being out there with my brothers just quite literally trying to murder each other with frozen water gave me some of my fondest memories.

“I’m the youngest of four boys, so often I was more of a moving target than I was a brother, but I loved that.”

These days, the ‘Spirited’ star lives in New York with pregnant wife Blake Lively and their three daughters, and they love embracing all the city has to offer during the festive period.

He said in a recent interview: “Christmas, for me, is always about being with family.

“I love the lead-up to Christmas much more than Christmas itself, which can feel a little bit transactional sometimes.

“We live in New York City, so we get to do all these amazing things.

“We see ‘The Nutcracker’ at Lincoln Centre, stuff that’s truly magical.

“If you told the seven-year-old Ryan Reynolds growing up in Vancouver that I would one day get to experience those things with my kids, I wouldn’t believe it.”