Ryan Reynolds has been awarded the freedom of Wrexham after helping to transform the local soccer team.

The 46-year-old actor and his showbiz pal Rob McElhenney became co-owners of the Welsh team in 2021, and they've both been given the freedom of the city after helping to raise the profile of Wrexham.

Speaking via a video link, Ryan told the county council: "Wrexham is home to one of the most beautiful stories on Earth."

Ryan and Rob co-created the hit documentary series 'Welcome to Wrexham' after completing their takeover of the team.

And the celebrity duo have developed a huge affection for the city and its people over recent years.

Ryan - whose investment has helped to transform the fortunes of the team - said: "I recognise that this is to honour our contribution but I'd also say that the reverse holds true with this town, what it's given us is immeasurable.

"What it's given Wales and the rest of the world is immeasurable. Rob and I walked in with a pretty crazy idea a few years ago and Wrexham ran with that idea.

"Our goal is now and has always been to uphold the values of the community and this club."

Meanwhile, Ryan previously revealed that he first met Rob, 45, through social media.

Appearing alongside Rob on a TV show, Ryan shared: "I kind of slid into your DMs.

"I saw Rob in one of the episodes of 'It's Always Sunny'. He did something that was absolutely spectacular. It was one of the most beautiful things that I've ever seen.

"It was a dance sequence, it was all black and white and the rain ... I genuinely ... it was probably, pound for pound, the most gorgeous, beautifully shot and performed three minutes I'd ever seen on television.

"And I ... as I'm getting older I'm thinking, I've got to tell people when I appreciate them more. So, I happened to follow you on social media and I just DMd you and said, 'What I just saw on your show was spectacular!'"