Ryan Phillippe says he is prepared to take a Dna test to establish whether a woman he briefly dated in 2010 is pregnant with his child.
Ryan Phillippe, the American actor who already has two children with Reese Witherspoon, says he will "gladly" take a paternity test once his ex-girlfriend's baby is born, reports Tmz.com.The 36-year-old star of 'Crash' had reportedly said he didn't want to take a paternity test, but sources suggest he has now changed his mind. Ryan stopped dating model and actress Alexis Knapp in September 2010, but says he will provide for the unborn child if it is proved that he is the father. An insider who spoke with US Magazine insisted, "Ryan doesn't know if he is the dad. If he is, he will take full responsibility for the child". The baby is due to be born in June 2011.
Ryan Phillippe began dating Knapp after splitting from his girlfriend Abbie Cornish back in February 2010. In recent weeks he has been photographed with the American actress Amanda Seyfried, fuelling speculation that the pair are romantically involved. The actor is currently starring in the drama movie 'The Lincoln Lawyer', alongside MARISA TOMEI.