Security measures are being reviewed and possibly upgraded for the TV show 'Dancing With The Stars' after a pair of protestors burst onto the dancefloor during disgraced Olympian Ryan Lochte's performance with Cheryl Burke at the live season premiere on Monday (September 12th 2016). 

Ryan LochteRyan Lochte forces 'Dancing With The Stars' to enforce more strict security measures

Producers for 'Dancing With The Stars' are being forced to rethink safety measures to protect their cast from any future audience confrontations after Ryan Lochte, who won Gold at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, was stormed during his Foxtrot earlier this week.

The shamed athlete was finishing his piece with professional dance partner Cheryl Burke when two men - now identified as Sam Satoodeh and Barzeen Soroundi - approached the cameras with matching anti-Lochte T-shirts. They were soon wrestled by security and removed from the building, but Lochte and Burke were left particularly shaken up.

'The safety and security of our cast, crew and studio audience is of utmost importance', a BBC Worldwide Productions spokesperson told USA Today. 'A full evaluation of security procedures/protocols is taking place and we will make any changes deemed necessary.'

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In August, Lochte claimed to the media that he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint by a group of thugs dressed as police officers while on a night out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, it soon emerged that they were actually confronted by a security team while they drunkenly vandalised a gas station, and were asked to pay for damages. 

Lochte has since apologised for embellishing his story and was even charged with filing a false report. Unfortunately, though, the damage had already been done and he was subsequently dropped from a Speedo campaign - the first blow his career has taken over his own thoughtless actions. He was also given a 10-month band from professional swimming by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

However, the protestors believed that this penalty was not enough, and that Lochte should be removed from the reality show too.