Ryan Gosling thinks stunt performers are the unsung heroes of the film industry.

The 43-year-old actor stars alongside Emily Blunt in 'The Fall Guy' - which is loosely based on a TV series about stunt performers - and Ryan has stressed their importance to the movie business.

He told the BBC: "They dress like us, they do the dangerous things for us. They take the hits for us, they put themselves in harm's way for us.

"They play our characters as well, they're actors too, in the same union. But they hide their face and disappear into the shadows and everyone pretends they weren't there.

"The better they are at their job, the more they disappear in a way. It ends now. We're flipping the script."

Ryan admires the courageous attitude of stunt performers.

The actor explained: "They risk more than anyone. Their work is an art form, it's designed just as much as make-up and costumes or anything else."

Emily, 41, also believes that stunt performers are a hugely important part of the movie business.

The actress explained: "They've trained for this, they have courage beyond words and I think because there is an innate humility with stunt performers, they don't feel the need to broadcast what they do. But I think it's time that we do."

Meanwhile, Ryan recently revealed that he won't direct another film until his kids are older.

The actor - who Esmeralda, nine, and Amada, seven, with his partner Eva Mendes - told The Sunday Times newspaper: "I’m up for it … But directing takes so much time. And, right now, my kids are so little - it’s really 24 hours for us at home right now.

"So, yes, in the future, but right now, my choices are more about what’s great for my family in terms of my experience of making this movie."