Ryan Gosling with mother Gangster Squad Premiere

Is Ryan Gosling just too perfect? Here he is arriving to the Gangster Squad premiere with his mother

It was almost certainly the first real big premiere of 2013, and the cast and crew of Gangster Squad certainly didn't disappoint, the bulk of the Ruben Fleischer-directed stars all turning out at the world famous Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles for the premiere. Ryan Gosling led the way, as he tends to, after bringing on his mother. What a good egg. 

Emma Stone Gangster Squad Premiere

Emma Stone didn't need any family members on hand, she was quite capable of taking the limelight all by herself

However as much as we all loved Gosling turning up with his ma, it was nothing  compared to the entrance Emma Stone made, looking darn gorgeous - even with that chunky necklace - and putting all her other cast members in the shade. Indeed, the likes of Sean Penn looked like they'd been enjoying a bit of downtime in the Californian sun as they turned up looking hairy, tanned and tousled; thank goodness Mireille Enos was on hand to assist Stone in adding a bit of glitter to procedings. 

Sean Penn Gangster Squad PremiereMireille Enos Gangster Squad

Sean Penn and Mireille Enos looked like they'd had rather contrasting weeks in the build up to the premiere

Gangster Squad, as you might well have guessed, is a crime thriller screenwritten by Will Beall. The film was originally scheduled to be released last year, however in the wake of the tragic Aurora Theater shootings during a Dark Knight Rises screening it was decided to push the release back to January 11 of this year. The story is a chroncile of the Los Angeles Police Department's attempts to keep the East Coast Mafia at bay during the 1940's and 1950's, with Penn the biggest draw outside Gosling, playing Brooklyn mobster Mickey Cohen.

Josh Brolin Gangster Squad Premiere

Josh Brolin scrubbed up a little better than Sean Penn for the premiere

The cast also includes Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribsi, Michael Pena and Robert Patrick as the senior members of the LAPD fighting the organised crime bosses. Reviews have been mixed for the film, with critics aggregator Rotten Tomatoes scoring the film at 57%. See what you think of the trailer.

Anthony Mackie Gangster Squad Premiere

Anthony Mackie at the Gangster Squad premiere

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